I`m off on my bike in a mo. Just gotta log in here first and tell you all about my new find. is packed with all kinds of funnies-comics, quizzes, books and even a blog.

Teen Chook recommended today. He`s a bit of a cartoon and comedy whizz himself, so his recommendation had to be a good one.

In this extract, the author, Matthew Linman, describes his long slow rise from couch potato to ultra marathon runner. And the trials of succumbing to all sorts of pressures and temptations as a runner. He`s cleverly illustrated this in his comic strips.

It`s so funny, clever and true, it will resonate with all kinds of runners and indeed, other sorts of humans too.

Teen Chook tells me Linman typically spends twelve hours a day on the computer-a habit he developed as a teenanger. Enough to make Linman a hero in Teen Chook`s eyes.

That`s a whole lot of time blogging. But the results are worth it.


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