Butterfly Buns

Butterfly Buns 3

“Mum, that’s just so 2007″

Or so Teengirl  informed me on seeing my choice of clothing the other day. White capri pants? So what`s wrong with them? Everything, as the disgust in her voice inferred..

Actually, I`d say the offending capris probably a decade old. Though I thought it best not to inform my trendy daughter.

Anyway, I like a bit of history.

Which is why I made butterfly buns yesterday.

They remind me of my mother. She loved to bake-garibaldi squares, Genoese fancies and apple fritters when she was feeling a bit more adventurous. Or when her regular Friday night people were due to call, she`d make a peach flan and butterfly buns to accompany the dainty, crustfree cucumber sandwiches.

Well, I was all out of tinned peaches yesterday, and nobody Chez Chook was dainty enough to merit the cucumber sandwiches. Added to that, I`d discovered a really cool pack of Dr Oetker metallic baking cases.

Dr Oetker Baking Cases

They were screaming ” Butterfly buns!” So, decision made.

Of course, Rachel had the recipe. She calls them Fairy Cakes. But I`m sticking with Butterfly Buns

  • 125 g Butter(softened)
  • 125g Caster Sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla essence
  • 2 eggs
  • 150 g plain flour
  • 1/4 tsp baking powder

The filling is made from buttercream icing or crème Chantilly. I opted for the latter, since it`s an easy-peasy make, and I`d never done it before. If you`ve gotta get out of your comfort zone once in a while,crème Chantilly is a good way to go.

Preheat oven to 190 C/375 F Gas 5.  Line the 12 hole bun tray with the pastry cases.

Rachel gives two options on putting all the ingredients together.

The Harder One:You can use the electric mixer to whip the butter til creamy, then add the sugar and vanilla til the mix is light and fluffy. Add the eggs, one at a time beating continuously, then sift the flour and baming powder into the mix.

The Easy One: You could though, if pressed for time, put the whole lot into the mixing bowl whisk the lot with the electric mixer. Don`t overbeat it all though.

Divide the mix among the paper cases, using two teaspoons. Cook for 8-12 minutes until springy to the touch.

Easy, right?

And the next bit is fun.

Cut the top of each bun and then halve the top to make two butterfly wings. Rachel puts jam on the top of each bun then-strawberry or raspberry. As that`s a sure-fire way to turn my chooks off butterfly buns for life, I skipped the jam and put the crème Chantilly in at that point. Insert the butterfly wings at an angle, then add the hundreds and thousands for a real 70s touch.

There was a clear gender divide when it came to appreciating these cakes. The boys found them a tad too pretty for them. But they ate them anyway. Girl Teen loved them. I expect they fall into the current cupcake revolution for her and not 70s nostalgia territory.

I didn`t partake myself as crème Chantilly was a step too far after my cholesterol warnings. But next time my pals come for tea, I`ll whip them up, with peach flan and cucumber sandwiches. We`ll wear tank tops and flares and long collared blouses. And listen to Kate Bush screaming “Wuthering Heights” the Eagles  in “Hotel California” and Leonard Cohen in his “Chelsea Hotel”.

And we`ll say “Hey, isn`t this just so 70s”


11 thoughts on “Butterfly Buns

  1. Enjoyed that bit of retro. And – you’ve got my gran’s plates! Very 70s! 🙂 They had cups and saucers like that too, with an extra-big cup for my Grandad. Ahhhhh.

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