The Thief of Time


My birth cert reads “Red Procrastination Hen”. Even the usually surly passport guys smile when they see it.

But it`s true: Procrastination is my middle name.

Throw in a recently acquired WordPress addiction into the mix and well, you probably are halfway to a diagnosis of some acute personality disorder. Or worse.

But, at the very least, it means the odds are against me making my morning run.

Nope, couldn`t do my wear lycra running gear to bed trick. Are you kidding? We`re just groping our way out of a heatwave here, fergawdsakes.

You know how it goes…

Me to Running Self “Just wannacheck email

Flips laptop open. Ho-hum,wordpress notifications….

Me:Oh, I`ll just have a little glimpse at the WP Reader

Runner: No, don’t do it. C`mon, you`ve got your running gear on. Just go!

Me: Just a little peek…
Checks today`s calendar. Makes a couple of adjustments to justify WP indulgence.

Meanwhile Running Self`s protests fade to whimpers and then to nothing . See, Running Self knows the drill. She`s been through this with Me before. Many times.

She knows who`s Boss.

WP Reader is an Aladdin`s Cave and Me is thrilled as the blogroll unfurls, glittering with new treasures.

Shaz has been on my blogroll from Day One. I love her photoruns of the English countryside and that her daughter is literally following-and often overtaking-her running footsteps. Runner gives Me a little dig though when she reads that Shaz has just completed Week One of Half Mara training. Ohhh, I really should get going…

But let`s see Araneus has a new story! This will surely give me something to chew on when I`m clocking in the miles today. Oh yes! Romantic fiction! And a little conundrum at the end. Sigh.

Runner: C`mon, get your ass out that door NOW!
Me: Shhhhh! That piece was really nice, just a quick flick now… Oh look! Moorhenscampers draws beautifully! She`s summarized her whole week in cute little doodles!

Runner: C`mon. It will get hotter out there and you know what a pain you are in the heat.

Me:But Knitrun4sanity is asking for my opinion. You know I can`t turn down an offer like that. Tell someone else what to do when I`m clueless myself….

Runner rolls eyes.

Time is ticking on and if I`m not careful Teen Chooks will be up soon, scratching around for food and complaining that there`s nothing to eat, even though I can clearly see grain scattered about in every nook. Gotta clean every nook too…

But I digress. Procrastinate, even. Let`s attend to the work in hand; the blogroll.

I just love Scriblah`s sketches. Today`s one is of a Norman castle she`s been to see with a most intriguing gravestone within.

Every now and again, I peek over at comments. A lovely one from Roy. He`s a running coach so he knows his stuff. If he figures I`ll run better when the weather cools down then it must be so. Runner smiles when she sees that.

It suits Runner too,that Hedwigia and Moorhen both love nature. She knows she`ll get more out of Me because those ladies are constantly urging us all to observe wildlife all around us.And there`s nothing I love better than a photorun. Taking pics of nature is a great reason to do some running intervals. Runner smiles smugly at the comments on my last Poor Me post.

Oh! I`ve been accepted into the Never Freshly Pressed Club! I`ll just send off my thanks to the NFPB president. Then I`ll go. Promise, Runner.

I have to respond to the folk at the Never Freshly Pressed Club and thank them for accepting me. Not many have such an honour bestowed upon them after all. There`s just shy of half a million members in this exclusive club, what with all sorts of mediocre and downright bland posts being accepted by the Freshly Pressed Committee. Plainly, I am working on my mediocrity, but unfortunately, I`ve a way to go. Chances are, I`ll procrastinate on that work too, as WordPress Me knows only too well.

WordPress Me: Honestly, I can`t complain. You`ve given me enough time as it is this morning.

Runner glares at her  and mutters Too damn right.

WordPress Me Hey enough of your guff. You got a whole marathon out of her. It`s my turn now.

Me:Aw, knock it off you two.

But the squabbling is suddenly silenced by the arrival of not one, but two Teen Chooks.  And Me, WPMe and Runner slap the laptop closed in unison. No point in complaining about their being up before noon. They`ve plainly got something on. Something that will require a car trip or two and probably money. In fact, it`s a nice stage for a parent, all you have to do is keep driving and keep firing money their way.

But Runner doesn`t mind. She knows the most work she`s ever got out of me is when the chooks have been at one of their activities and I have time on my hands. Much though I love to procrastinate, I don’t like waiting either.  I have to find constructive ways to fill in that time and running does it admirably.

Sure, they`ll give me endless excuses to procrastinate, just as my blogroll does. More often than not though, the times they spend on their activities has become time for me to fill with running. An hour or two spent on the soccer pitch, or at the dancing lessons, very swiftly translates into running time for me.

Otherwise, I`d probably sit at home and bake or clean. Or,more likely, indulge my WordPress addiction.

So, I slip on my runners, grab the car keys and go. Runner urging me on,many miles to go and time to chew over my blogroll treasures.

23 thoughts on “The Thief of Time

  1. Love it and I can find so many things to do other than the sorting of clothes to take away, store or give away that has been on top of my To Do List for over a week. And here I am reading blog posts instead and oh yes then there’s the laundry, cup of coffee and what about breakfast. Then perhaps the clothes.

  2. I bought an hourglass timer to improve concentration on writing; do nothing else but write until the sand runs out. It’s a bit awkward to take out on a run though…

  3. Oooo, I so do that. If I touch my laptop I am lost. Days have gone by when I think I am just going to make sure that one more blogger is fine and dandy (for which read ‘running while I am not’), and that leads me to the next and the next. I have just drastically cut the feeds in my reader to just news and running, which to be honest won’t help!
    You have hit the nail spot on the head there.

    • Really, is it any worse than making small talk with our neighbours or getting lost in a book? Essentially, it`s the same thing-lots of tittle,tattle, lots of reading.

    • Thank you for your kind words. I am looking forward to catching up with your link and your other posts: it will help me postpone my next run, I`m sure.

  4. Really enjoyed reading this. It resonated with me far too much. I am sure that many of us have our own vetsions of this. Thanks for the mention. Keep up the great writing. (I would put you on freshly pressed). Xxx

  5. Procrastinator is my middle name too! I can totally relate to your WordPress story there, that’s exactly what I go through. With me though it’s not running that it’s keeping me from, but writing, so the thing it’s keeping me from is actually very similar and doesn’t involve me even moving from the place, you’d think it would make the transition from one to the other easier, but no! Ah well…

    • Oh no! I`d imagine that`s very difficult when writing actually demands that you sit at you laptop and open up a screen and.. oh, well, I could just see myself being waaay too tempted then. Mind you, one of my teens found a way to deal with this during his recent studies-apparently there`s some ap or download one can get that automatically rations one`s time on the internet. Maybe I could do with that too! And an ap to whip my butt and make me run! Haha!

  6. I feel your pain.
    Thursday see the beginning of the Melbourne International Film Festival, !6 days of non stop movies, day and night. Other people take holidays I do MIFF. But here’s the rub; the dogs still need walking and then there’s MY WP addiction…….. how the hell am I going to manage it? Sure, I can read some stuff on my phone between movies but it’s not as good as a full page to look at. And when do I get time to write? Last year I did a journal of happenings in and around the festival……. plan to do the same thing this year so I suppose that will keep me going [all hand written which means I have to type it out again and I hate doing that!]
    Not really complaining…. should be a blast.
    spider needs a break.

    • Sounds like the Great Escape! Enjoy! I`m looking forward to reading your reviews. Actually, reviewing must be one of the most difficult things to do-far easier write one`s own stuff.
      Be sure to take in a lot of romantic movies. Or even just observe couples at the MIFF. And come back to us with great romantic fiction with HAPPY ENDINGS! 😉 Sunsets and violins, sure you know yourself.
      But mostly, enjoy MIFF. I`m a sometime member of a film club that shows all those arthouse, indie type of films. Much better than Hollywood hyped stuff. I imagine MIFF`s like that too?
      Happy Hol!

  7. I spent ages leaving a long comment to hit the post comment button and then to have wordpress say it could not be left and I did not swear at all, now I will just say, great post and ta for mention X

    • Hahaha! That`s just built in WP software that has detected you`re waaayy too long on WP and should be off doing something useful with your life. Like running! Ha! Thank you for taking time to comment twice though!

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