Evening Run Skerries Harbour

Evening Sky over Skerries Harbour

Evening Sky over Skerries Harbour

I am sticking to a plan. Hal`s plan. This may see me to the Dublin city marathon in October. It may not. All hinges on injury recovery. And my predisposition to laziness.

If I`m not recovered on time, well then, there`s other races, other days. Meanwhile, I`m going to keep moving and have fun while I`m doing it. Fun actually improves my work ethic. At least that`s my excuse.

Martello Tower Loughshinney

Martello Tower Loughshinney

So, in that spirit, I made a bit of a photorun out of yesterday`s jog. Dropped into Loughshinny, North of Dublin first. Definitely a place worth returning to as it has a really nifty little beach and harbour. Unfortunately, it was exceptionally dull when I got there-lots of grey cloud and grey sand and grey sea so my pic haul there was poor. But it`s definitely worth a return trip.

Lucky Dog

Spot the Dog

By the time I`d made it to Skerries, however, the sun was peeking through. Sadly, our heatwave is gone. Yesterday evening was actually chilly. So chilly I was cursing myself for not bringing my fleece running jacket. Yes, that`s how cold it was. Damn.

Beached Boats

Beached Boats

But the sun was being brave and there were actually a lot of runners and walkers doing their thing along the harbour. Skerries has the advantage of having a very long promenade all along it`s coastline. It has a delightful harbour, terrific harbour and wonderful views of Shennick, Colt and St.Patrick`s island off coast.

Further out is Rockabill Island, with it lighthouse and, I`m told, the largest roseate tern population in Europe. There are boat trips out to Rockabill and to nearby Lambay island. Might be worth a look see some day when I get a lot better at using my new camera.

Skerries Harbour

Skerries Harbour

Pics taken, views enjoyed, I contented myself with a three mile mediocre trot along the coast. My quads were still wincing from a sixteen mile cycle I`d undertaken on Tuesday. Happy days, as it gave me the perfect excuse for a very slow lazy run. No, Hal won`t be happy but I have every intention of making up for that again.

And you know what they say about the road to hell…

29 thoughts on “Evening Run Skerries Harbour

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  6. Nice seascapes RH, and good surroundings are always a comfort during a hard run. I never got that far north of Dublin, Newbridge House being my furthest foray. Good running country that is actually.

    • Kinda need to do more of this run/explore type thing. And taking pics makes me look at things more carefully on my runs. And takes my mind off the pain!

  7. Lovely pictures. It’s still very pleasantly warm here in Warwickshire – no fleeces needed yet! I’m really looking forward to seeing the sea again next week – it’s been a year since I was last on the coast (in Donegal – mmmmmm!)

  8. Oh that looks lovely. Is Dublin a good mara then? It seems as if it would be ‘away’ enough but manageable from here. We have lost a lot of our heat as well, which is a bit of a relief though I don’t want to admit it. I like the sun and the heat, but I do find it hard to get stuff done, I just want to sit and watch stuff go by.

    • Yep, the heat can be draining. Have to say I really really enjoyed Dublin. Not that I can compare it to anything else. But the support of the crowd is second to none. It`s usually dry too, at that time of the year-though of course, that comes with no guarantees. And cool enough to run. I found it to be a massively fulfilling, interesting, exciting, experience. Came off it half dead but still thinking that everyone should run a marathon, and especially, DCM at least once in their lives!

      • Actually, I misuse the term. Technically, it is the daily prediction of times for high and low tides. I use it to describe the difference in height between the lowest and highest tides. To me, any low tide that “grounds” boats is an extreme tide “table”.

        P.S. This is why most people don’t pay any attention to me.

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