Ah, Go On, Go On, Go On.

Fr Jack Drink

I`m beginning to think Fr. Jack knows a thing or two about running.

I had no choice today but to attempt a long slow run. Hot on the heels of yesterday`s unpleasant hill run, I wasn`t keen to hit the road so soon. But an LSR can`t happen tomorrow. And Tuesday won`t shape up to be a whole pile better. So it had to be today.

Normally, I`m a happy Sunday runner, though. There`s something calm and meditative to the day, as it is, so an LSR generally ties in nicely with that mode. In the absence of anything else, it`s become my regular spiritual practice.

A perfect time and place to recall Fr. Ted, so.

The recollection kicked in at the half way mark. I`d arranged for mid-way point to be a shop, just so I could pop in and buy some water. Saves me lugging water along and well, you know I like an excuse to stop, anyway.

By this stage, I`d done four and half miles. My pace was leisurely, and I felt a whole lot better than on yesterday`s run. But, even so, I was flagging a little.

And here`s the thing. After downing 250 mls of water, I felt so much better. Refreshed, even. I didn`t sit around, just took in the passing traffic, sipped until I`d assuaged my thirst and got ready for take off again.

Now water`s something I`m poor at tossing in there. Oh, I`ll sip a little before I head off but truthfully, –  and to compound matters-my drink of choice is coffee. I`m fully caffeinated before I hit the road and not at all as mindful of the H2O aspect as I should be. It`s only during these summer months that I`ve taken to bringing a small bottle of water around. I doubt it`s even enough.

I`d noticed the same thing yesterday on my hill run. Downed my little bottle of water and felt revived again. I know I shouldn`t wait for thirst to kick in before drinking but that`s exactly my habit. Instead, drink should be to the forefront of my mind. Much like the alcoholic Fr. Jack.

“Drink! Feck! Girls!” as Fr Jack says.

Well, I`ll take the drink anyway.

Squeezed nine miles out on my run today. Happy with that, in addition to yesterday`s six.

Tomorrow is definitely a rest day. Looks like I might fit a swim into the schedule if I can. And definitely build on that water habit. Make myself do it,even.


And I`ll think of Mrs Doyle urging me on as I take a sup…

“Ah go on, go on, go on”






Fr Jack pic from tumblr.com

Mrs Doyle pic from safefood.eu



13 thoughts on “Ah, Go On, Go On, Go On.

  1. Ah water, yes. Such a good idea. So difficult to remember in practice. I drink coffee (decaff now) and forget actual water until I am on my knees at the local garage begging for over-priced bottles of mineral water.

  2. I have never managed to work out a ‘hydration strategy’ for long runs, I tend to just have a few sips when I feel like I need it, but in summer that doesn’t work so well because I end up drinking too much and then feeling sloshy. I need to practice!

    • We assuage publically, and very frequently in Ireland,particularly in matters concerning loneliness or thirst. And, since they are inevitably intertwined, we are especially inclined to assuage both concurrently. Indeed, public assuagement is so actively encouraged here, that we have purpose built dwellings devoted entirely to this practice. Therein, people requiring assuagement can, for a small fee, procure a special black brew which has been scientifically proven to encourage loud utterances and wailings. I highly recommend it.

      • I’m reasonably sure I’ve come across this elixir, but I’m more disposed to an amber fluid that is aged considerably longer. Assuagement can take quite a long time.

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