How Not To Go MIA

My sincere apologies…

Apparently, there`s a way to go missing from one`s blog. And a way not to do it.

Yep, I chose the latter.

What I should have done was to bank blog posts. That means building up enough posts to last the duration of my holiday, and schedule them to post at my usual intervals.

Or I could have scheduled some of my archived blog posts to reblog at those certain intervals. Advising my readers, naturally, that these posts were reblogged.

I just heard all that on a Michael Hyatt podcast today.

What I did was, of course, to leave you all with NOTHING for the past week.

And, to compound my mistake, I slipped off into the night without a word.

Of course, I have an excuse. I was too busy enjoying myself. Sure, I wanted to blog, but my trip took me to the wilds of Wicklow and there just was so many other things to do. Like eat in my favourite café, take pics in lush gardens, and scramble around ancient hillsides.

Yes, it sorta played havoc with my runnning. But still, I logged five miles on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and a ten miler today. Hopefully enough to keep my fitness up.

And I`ve returned bearing gifts. I had some of you in mind as I took these photos. There are greenfingers, and artists, and historians and cooks and writers among you. And runners too, who just might love to pick a trail or two among Wicklow`s wilder parts.

I`ve numbered the pictures, so choose one that appeals most to you and your interests, and, if you get the chance, I`d love if you let me know in a comment.

Oh, and the cakes at the end? They`re from Avoca Café and there`s one for everyone.

Off to catch up on all of you now. I`ll be reading for the week! 🙂


26 thoughts on “How Not To Go MIA

    • Thank you! I`m wondering about size too. I used to resize mine down to about 640 x 480 pixels, but lately I`ve tried keeping them at half their original size. It might work better and doesn`t seem much slower to upload. Fraid I`m at the bottom of a long learning curve on the photography end.

  1. It’s very good to see you back, and I’m glad you had a good holiday. Now, did you run in those shoes? Nice toes! 🙂

    The pictures are lovely, especially the garden ones. My favourite is 14, the Rapunzel tower. I don’t think we have those in England. Oh, which reminds me of a book […off to find out the title – can’t remember titles nowadays…] – oh! oh! I remembered it! Shocking! “The Secret Scripture” [by Sebastian Barry – cheated and looked that up]. Have you read it? I thought it was very powerful, though I had to do a fair bit of internetting to follow the Irish history – and still got confused. Maybe I’ll re-read it – I think it would be worth a second read.

    • Yes, I`ve read -and loved-The Secret Scripture. Beautifully written, though heartbreaking.

      No, I didn`t run in the sandals. They`re just a shining example of what NOT to wear around the uneven ground and stony trails of Glendalough!

  2. Great photos – and you deserve a rest! I am fascinated that you feel compelled to post – perhaps its a personal goal like your running. I would love to know how you post all those photos together on wordpress. I run the free version and have never managed to post more than one at a time with text between. 😦 I love the Rudbekias best I think

    • All those pics are done very easily in the media section. Go to media library.On the top left you`ll find “Create Gallery” Click on that and it allows you to choose any pics you want from either your media library, or via file upload. Then click “Insert Gallery” on the bottom right of the page.

      Mine it the free version too.

      Ah! Rudbekhias-another name for Black Eyed Susans, I see from google. Thank you!

  3. You were missed! I love the Glen pic best mainly cos I think I been there. 10 years ago we went to Dublin for hubby’s 40th and we went to Wicklow with friends and that place looks so familiar. Must pop over again soon!

    • Wicklow is so convenient to Dublin and full of visitors. I`ve a whole lot of blog fodder from this trip, including more pics of Glendalough, so I bet it will all come together for you when you see them.

  4. Thanks for the cake. Yummy. No need to apologise. We are allowed to have a break although i missed your posts. Your photos are amazing. Would love to run around that lake. Glad you had fun and still managed to run. Xx

    • I love the name of that waterfall “Pollanass”. It’ s derived from the Irish,Poll an Eas ,and means “The hole of the waterfall”.I imagine its even prettier in autumn.
      Thanks for your comment.

  5. Welcome back. Not to worry, we should never get so consumed by our blog that we put it ahead of family and fun. And good for you for getting in those runs. They’re easy to slough off during vacations.

  6. I was hoping that you are ok, and you are more than ok! I hope the holiday feeling lasts at least a week. I do love your unusual foot wear but since I am first to comment I’m choosing two favourites, thankyou. No. 1 Love the big old edge and cottage garden and No.13 That is a pretty little waterfall – would be lovely to sit in the grass, enjoy the sunshine and the sound of the water gurgling and splashing down.

    • Ah! Thank you! Sorry if you were concerned. Still running, and that`s my main concern. It`s kinda hard to keep that going when I have the holiday feeling. I think my next holiday should be a bootcamp one. Just like you and your husband did with that Tabatha(spelling!) workshop. Wicklow is known as The Garden of Ireland and yes, there`s lots of lovely places there to layabout!

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