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Are you one of those people who pop into to the shop just to pick up a litre of milk, only to emerge with five other items?

Well, that`s me anyway. Though, naturally, I can justify every purchase.

There`s the staples, of course. With three teens about the place, milk and cereal are almost daily purchases. And then, of course, with my ahem! athletic appetite to consider,well, I can almost beat them in eating stakes.

The book is this month`s bookclub purchase.

 But Runner`s World? Well, there`s a fine line between me feeling like a runner or not and the likes of these magazines help me cross to the right side of that line, at least for a little while.

The banner headline declared this magazine a “twentieth anniversary special” no less. With sidelines promising “Best Tips Ever” and “Make Every Run Easier” I can always do with best tips and easier runs.

A flick through the inside revealed a fat section devoted to runners. I`m in the market for another pair, and in need of some assistance wading through all that sales assistants` jargon. Another little section has a sweet piece about Runner`s World readers who have collected every single edition. There`s a mention of park runs in there, of which I am such a huge and very recent convert. Some interesting research on caffeine intake. And a nice little piece explaining vVO2 max in layman`s terms.

But, the piece de resistance for me, is an article from cover girl and athlete extraordinaire, Paula Radcliffe. I really admire her and am only too happy to hear her advice on how to improve one`s motivation and overcome setbacks.

Runner`s World gets chucked into my shopping basket.

Mind you, at a few cents shy of seven euro, the magazine was a similar price to the book I also purchased. Something I can never quite understand. But, since I`m more vain than I am parsimonious, my conscience swiftly overrode that little niggle.

Of course, it could be argued that I`m more delusional than anything else. There`s a big part of me, see, that buys so quickly into the dream. A part that says that by buying this magazine, I could be more of a runner. Without-sigh-even donning a pair of trainers.

Not that I`ve been half bad this week. At least on the training front. Fresh from last Saturday`s park run, I ran eight quickish miles on Sunday. Monday was cross training day-a walk and yoga. Tuesday saw me push the boat out with three miles of intervals. Wednesday I indulged in a new route and a new hill. Park run has thought me to feel a little less comfortable in training. I have to push a little harder. The intervals I`d practised over August, though short, had already achieved an improvement and a little more zip in the old legs.

But all that`s guilt talk. The truth is, my inner coach potato is always urging me over to the sofa and Runner`s World could even be her ally. I wrestled briefly with the vacuum cleaner today and declared it cross training. Truth was, I couldn`t wait to get to hop into bed with my new magazine.

Oh, the joys planning my running strategems from a prone position! I fully immersed myself in nutritional advice, inspiring articles, and, even, the carefully crafted ads. For a while, my head was filled with brightly coloured lycra clad gods and goddesses. I  drifted through realms of consciousness and glided alongside them all. I was magically transformed from an old Red Hen to a winged goddess, a Nike streaking down trails, and through lanes, and across the pages of Runner`s World. And onwards into the fields of dreams and on chariots of fire.

I`ve woken up now, still bound by my same old feathered and inefficient body. But I really do feel a little more like Paula Radcliffe in my head. At least for another while, and maybe even for the start of this morning`s park run. At least until my legs become leaden and my lungs scream and sweat runs in rivers in all sorts of places.

We shop for life`s necessities, but also for happiness. And happiness can be the promise of transformation into a better us.

Yep, I`ll have that, thanks.


15 thoughts on “Runner`s World

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  2. How many euros?!? Mind you I am not sure how many pounds it is, I will have to look. I too love becoming the person the mags want me to be, but I have become wary of the constant presence of weight-loss on the front of them. I know many (me included) people use running as a method of weight control, but I do worry that running mags have become like women’s mags, just promising a thinner, sexier you with every issue.
    That said, I but them to drool over the gear, and then batter my credit card…

    • Oh I completely agree and see where you`re coming from on the whole sales thing, and the thinner, sexier you thing too. I frequently note how very different the general population is from the stream of super bodies paraded in front of us in the media. Gotta keep it real.

  3. Nice to have an actual runner on the cover rather than the model. If you look for the Runner’s World UK online forums there’s a thread for beginners (working at it slowly) now in its 10th year – I used to follow it when I was a beginner! Some of the original posters too.

    • Yes, I dip into RW`s forums from time to time. Something for every runner there. Lovely though, to hear that some of the original posters are still hanging out there, and, presumably, still running.

  4. Hahaha … you see, I got distracted when I read about “a fat section devoted to runners” – I thought at first it meant a section devoted to fat runners!! LOL

    You do right to treat yourself 🙂

  5. As ever you are one up on me. Runners work purchased but as yet to be read, now I realise that this has to be done from a prone position to reap any benefit, I shall see what I can do tonight in the hope it fixes my head also for tomorrow’s long run

    • `Fraid I`m behind you in very many ways Shaz, and in particular on the running front. It may indeed be something to do with training from a prone position, but I`ll wait for the scientific research to prove that before I abandon that practice. Best of luck with tomorrow`s LSR!

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