Fun, Light, Colour

Some little pieces of prettiness that I encountered on my Sunday run. Catching glimpses of deepening hues warms my heart and brings an added element of joy to my run.

I tossed in some variety into the run itself too, and decided on a whim to run intervals. I have no idea what my landspeed record is. Never occurred to me to check before though I`ve a distinct feeling that I`m a tad shy of Roger Bannister`s four minute mile.

Funny thing is, just as Roger-and runners of his time-were scared of literally bursting their hearts in the attempt- I realised that I have similar fears. Fear of injuring myself in some way, fear of having a heart attack on the spot.

And it`s there the similarity with Bannister ends. Or with any other average Joe Bloggs runner, for that matter.

The truth is, I am not a gifted runner. Just an ordinary old plodder who likes to shuffle along in the hopes of making my heart, body and mind a lot stronger.

But I am still curious about my limits

Flipping through my Runkeeper App afterwards, I realised that I can run at 6.06 min per mile. Albeit, for just .10 of a mile… And I also managed, .40 of a mile at a 7.37 min per mile rate.

Now, if only I could string a few quarter miles together at that speed for a couple of miles, I`d be making real progress towards speeding up.

I need to time myself for one mile-or maybe even just one kilometre. And use it as a baseline against which to measure any progress.

There`s other things I could do, of course. Like drop weight. One kg weight loss can knock off one minute from a runner`s ten kilometre race. Sounds like too much effort to me though.

I could also attend to my core body work, or join a running group, or maybe even just push myself that little bit more when I`m out there. And maybe I will.

I`m enjoying what I`m at right now. Love the parkruns, love the variety of routes I have, love making new discoveries about what I can do and wondering about what might be possible.

That`s all that matters. That, and getting out there into the autumn mist and light. That, and having fun.


5 thoughts on “Fun, Light, Colour

  1. That’s something that so many runners miss out on RH – failing to appreciate the world around us, the rhythm of life. You can run and train hard without blocking out one’s surroundings. Nice when, on a slow run, you can stop and maybe take a pic or two.

    • What I`m trying to do is make myself walk and stretch out a bit before being car bound and sore as result, at the end of each runs. Taking pics is an excuse to do that.

  2. Do you carry a fancy camera when you run? Your photos are always so beautiful.
    I read the bit about how dropping a pound can subtract valuable seconds from your time, but I figure I’m still not going to win, so I’ll enjoy my salt & vinegar chips and keep my back of the pack ranking.

    • Haha! Dead right about sticking with the back of the pack. I don`t want to be right back there but yep, I haven`t the will power it takes to be a proper skinny runner. I have a really nice camera which I keep for those pic only trips. Then other times, I use a nifty little light ordinary digital camera. Thank you for the compliment re my photos but honestly, I haven`t the first clue about all that photography terminology, what it means and what I should be doing when taking pics. I have tried to read about it but my eyes instantly glaze over at the sight of the words `aperture` and `shutter speed`. `Fraid I`m unteachable.

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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