Time to Change Trainers

There is a little button on my keyboard. Damned if I know what it is. Two buttons, even? Shift key with something else?
Whatever it is, after thirty minutes of typing up my uber fantastic best-post-ever I hit that darned key and Pooft! everything Gone!

When I find that damned key, you can be very sure I will gouge it out with a chisel and fling it in the recycling bank. All the badness can be hammered out of it there and it will be reincarnated for some, more useful purpose. A bottle cap, maybe. Or a biro lid. But never, ever again shall it accompany Qwerty and Co into honing all my wonderful thoughts into something semi readable.

It is not the only matter in need of recycling in my life.
There`s these.

Sorry for the blurriness, but it`s the only recent pic I have. Taken on Monday on the beach. (Yay! for beach runs!) Note the pinky bits on the outside edges? Yes, they`re my socks. It is praiseworthy in itself that I am actually wearing a matching pair.

Funny thing is my last pair of Brooks fell apart at exactly the same point. And in more or less the same time frame.

Note, my big broad Celtic spogs are in no way to blame for this holey state of affairs. I am aligned with much of the citizenry of this country in denying personal responsibility for anything. And especially not, for trainer wear out.

But, not to worry, these runners will be recycled too, just like their forebears. They will be my newest pair of gardening shoes. And, in such incarnation, they can be as blissfully smelly, dirty and holey as they clearly long to be.

So, I`m on the shoe hunt. Oh! it`s a nightmare out there!

There`s over pronation, under pronation, stability, flexibility, barefoot, cushioning. And all sorts of new techie nightmares thrown in to wreck my poor little birdbrain.

Added to that, my foot issues are not going away. I`ve really flexible joints and flat arches. This combination wrought mortal agony all over my feet midway through last year`s marathon. Things are s l o w l y improving. But more recently, I`m caving into wearing the orthotics prescribed a year ago.

Early days to report an improvement-I only started running in them last week-but, putting my foot on the floor in the morning hasn`t been as bone crunching hobbling as it has been for the past year.

Seems, from what I`ve read, that this means I don`t need an overly supportive shoe. Sticking an orthotic on top of a raised little inside foot bit in the shoe, is overkill. So I`m in the market for a neutral runner.

And I spotted these…

Nike Dual Fusion

Oh, I love the colour! I love the neatness. And the fact that these are billed as stability runners, which is apparently, what my feet are screaming for.

Of course, it also helps that these runners are half the price of my previous pair. If I buy them online, that is. Which is the scary part.

The only thing I`ve ever bought online before are books and well, beds. Yes, yes, the beds worked out fine. More than fine, but more on that another time. Oh, and I`ve booked flights, of course and theatre tickets. But I have never purchased shoes.

Not going to shout out the company now, either. I`m just going to give them a try. If it works, I`ll tell you. If I love my runners, you`ll hear it too.

If I don`t of course, then that will be a whole other post. Maybe about how to recycle a fancy pair of Nikes. Or how to get over the crippling price of returning goods to the online store.

And maybe there`s a blog post in this for you too.

I`d love to hear about your online shopping experiences. Especially if you bought trainers. But really about almost anything. I want to know about return experiences, delays, and things going swimmingly.

Oh, and if you know that little key that swallows great blog posts in one gulp, I`d really appreciate your letting me know.

Just give me a sec while I go get my chisel…..


18 thoughts on “Time to Change Trainers

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  2. Might not work in all cases, but on one occasion when I’d accidentally deleted a huge chunk, one of my darling daughters said ‘Why don’t you just use Ctrl Z?’ – and IT ALL CAME BACK! Woo hoo! (Just tested it with this, and it still works on my imac, though it’s cmd Z instead of Ctrl.)

    Good luck with the trainer search. Mine are New Balance (just happened to be the most comfortable ones I tried on). I hate buying shoes – so much choice! I haven’t yet braved trying online buying though – it’s hard enough when I try them on, as one foot is a size bigger than the other, which makes it interesting.

  3. I moved from Brooks to Nike a few years back. Im in a stability shoe too and found that the Nike had more room in the toe area and overall I was getting an extra 100 to 150 miles out of them than the Brooks. Mine get recycled into basket ball courts, string bags or plastic toys when I wear through the outer sole. Never worn out the upper fabric.
    My current Nikes are electric blue and orange – great for winter !

  4. I’m about to order my first pair of online shoes. They are a repeat buy – I have a pair that need l retire soonish, so I want to stock up before they stop being made! I’m still nervous, thing.good luck!

  5. Great post!
    I buy practically everything on line, it’s just easier for me, cos it’s hard to go shopping with a toddler! I’ve only ever had to return one thing (a laptop that arrived already broken; yeah!) so I don’t know too much about return policies!

  6. Two words. New Balance!
    For many years when running magazines used a scientific approach to rating running shoes, NB was number 1 year after year. Then one year Runners World decided to survey readers for their ratings. This was in tgemid-1980s. It seems that Nike had enough influence with enough runners to skew the survey to their favor. And this leaked over to other magazines.
    Here’s the deal. New Balance was at the time100% Made In USA ad the cost of labor was high and profit margins low. While Nike farmed out its production to Asia where near slave labor caused the cost to make a pair of Air Jordan basketball shoes around $1.40 while they sold in the States for over $100.For me it’s about the ethics of doing business. Another reason you will never find my feet in a pair of Nukes is that in1990-something, when unannounced human rights labor inspectors were trying to inspect one of Nike’s production facilities in China, there were refused admittance. They told the inspectors they could have access in two weeks which would give the time to clean house and coach employees on how to answer inspector questions. Other shoe manufacturers, like Adidas, allowed inspection on the original unannounced visit. Nike runs slave level sweat shops.
    I realize this is a long drawn our comment, but that photo of Nike trainers struck a nerve. Human Rights is a very important subject for many of us in the USA and Nike and several other large corporations, which practice the same unethical labor policies are on our hit list.
    Find a good comfortable New Balance trainers and do your feet a favor. I’ve have probably 15 or 20 pairs over the years and I love them.
    They are now 70% Made in USA, because some components are not made here.
    Be well.

  7. Recently got two pairs of spikes online for madam -both have to be returned am going to call the company today to negotiate! I think best to order two sizes then one should fit unless ofcourse they are running spikes!

  8. Poor you, it’s not nice to lose your best post!!! This one was pretty good though 🙂 I bought a pair of brand new Brooks Glycerins on eBay and they just didn’t seem as good as the one I buy from the local fancy running shop. I only go there because at the time my knees were giving me a lot of trouble but now none… so I’m now reluctant to buy shoes online, but just about anything else I will! I haven’t bought a bed though 🙂

    • Yes, I know. It`s ridiculous to buy beds online considering how important they are and how long we expect to spend in them. Have to say, I`ve been super lucky on that score, however.

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