Happy Birthday To My Blog!

Happy Blogday

Today marks this blog`s first birthday. And also, my first year with WordPress. And what an enjoyable first year this has been.

Of course, like parenting a kid for the very first time, I`ve had to significantly revise my perceptions of what blogging would be about, and learn a huge amount along the way.

I thought, for instance, that this would be strictly a running blog. My first entry, after all, made it very clear that I was all about times and distances and running my first marathon.

But, before too long, I was blogging about the things I saw on my run. And then posting pics of those things. And then even posting pics of things I saw when I wasn’t even running.

Soon, a little bit of history and a little bit of art were creeping in too.

Recipes were becoming a regular feature. So much so that my top post is for Mary Berry`s Key Lime Pie. You`d get diabetes from looking at that recipe alone. It`s certainly should have no place in a runner`s life because eating that kind of stuff will do nothing to optimize one`s performance. But we all need a treat every now and again, right?

So, this has really morphed into an anything and everything blog.

Another big learning for me has been meeting all of you. I never realised blogging would be more about reading than writing. And that reading blogs can deliver fantastic insights into all sorts of lives lived all sorts of ways.

What a treasure that is.

So here`s to all of you! Congrats on bearing with me patiently as stumble around the country roads and get into all sorts of other adventures. And congrats on presenting such wonderful learning material for me and others to enjoy.

This first year in WordPress Blogland has been just fantastic.

Here`s to many more! Sláinte!

25 thoughts on “Happy Birthday To My Blog!

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  2. Happy birthday to your blog! Yes, blogging is a surprising revelation isn’t it – the social aspect of it, the community feel, is much more than I imagined when I started, and that’s probably the main thing that keeps us all going with it 🙂

    • Ah! What a lovely thing to say! I can assure you that I am at least as pleased to see your posts but if I don`t, I console myself with the thought that you are very busy with writing those wonderful books of yours.

  3. I love the evolution of a blog, mine like yours started as a running one now it’s more of a life one and most importantly keeps my parents in touch with my life here in Devon-reduces the phone bill!

  4. Congratulations to you! Blogging is such fun and takes s off at tangents we had never imagined. I had my first blog birthday a couple of weeks ago. How time flies….or runs….. 😉

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