The Honeytrap

Honey and Lemon

Ah yes, time to break out the good old honey-and-lemon cure.

I`m feeling a tad below par. And no, I`m sure it`s nothing to do with the copious amounts of G&T and red wine I imbibed last Saturday. And everything to do with the little throat niggle that climbed into my ear and is now headed in the general direction of my bronchiolii.

So, I passed on my Sunday run yesterday. Instead, I went through the motions of parenting, while  dragging an IV line hooked into near toxic doses of dioralyte and paracetemol.

Part of my maternal duties involved a short drive in the afternoon. I clung to the steering wheel and contents of my stomach, while watching the entire town enjoying their Sunday runs in the glow of perfect health.

It even included a family of four, jogging along like Mother and Father Duck with their two little duckling children sandwiched in the middle. All trotting along in perfect synchrony.

I had to stop the car to throw up at that point.

I promise God, I will never drink tonic again.

And last night, God, or the internet- I cannot be sure which -offered me a glimmer of hope.

Googling ” Taking a break from running” I came across this very interesting article from Runner`s World.

I realised, not only had I not had a break in a very long time, but I actually need a break, and a break could even improve my running.

And the excuses get even better…

This week is major project delivery time at work. I know. You`re probably thinking I`m in the Irish equivalent of the M15 or the CIA or something. And, of course, you`ve got me pitched as someone who`d likely work the Honeytrap.

Yeah, in your mind`s eye I`m that fetching dame in the long red dress, revealing beguiling glimpses of a perfectly honed body as she sits demurely at the bar, awaiting her prey.

And no, you wouldn`t be too far off the mark at all. But for one exception.

I don`t work for the MI5.

And anyway, I`m not even sure there is an Irish equivalent.

All I can tell you is that this week at work is major project delivery time.

The truth is that I will be in a bar tomorrow night. And I`ll be wearing a green velvet dress, instead of my long red one. And, while feigning relaxation with a gin minus the offending tonic, I actually will be working very hard. Even harder than your honeytrap dame.

And the work rolls on all the way to Friday.

Now, if I`m to carry off this running break to perfection, I can`t let it all slide. There is that perfect athletic body to consider, after all.

In that fantastic article in Runner`s World, Owen Anderson says

Divide your customary weekly mileage by 10 to determine how many reps to do. For example, if you ran 30 miles per week before your break, do three 1-mile repeats per workout. The mile repeats will almost completely prevent losses in running capacity. In other words, you’ll get a break without losing fitness.”

So, I`m going to run Wednesday. Just two miles. Thursday is another night out, another dress, another bar. But Friday, I plan to factor in either a run or crosstrain and head back to near normal running at the weekend.

Yeah, all sounds great now, as I sip honey and lemon at my bedside.

Here`s hoping it`s not a honey trap….

11 thoughts on “The Honeytrap

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  3. Good luck with your rest. I am resting too but my rest means doing ### all until Saturday! And not to touch tonic which is fortunate as I hate the stuff even with the mothers ruin

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