New Shoes

New Runners

New Runners

This is my first time to order runners online. Must say, I am very happy with the results.

My feet have given me huge trouble since I ran the marathon last October. Around the thirteen mile section, I had the sensation of them falling apart. I ripped off my socks at that point; it just seemed like my feet were screaming for more room. And hobbled home in pure agony. I just couldn`t pull out.

Oh, I am sure that compounded my feet problems. But that`s marathon for you. It becomes a form of madness that outweighs common sense.

For the next few weeks I could barely walk.

A visit to my podiatrist revealed the problem. As I understand it, my joints are extremely flexible so my ligaments and tendons struggle to keep the range of motion that my joints allow. And so, during the marathon the ligaments (and tendons? I am not sure.) became overstretched. Hence the pain. And hence, the long recovery.

I got orthotics at that time. They`re meant to keep my feet more rigid. But honestly, they made no difference to the pain back then. I just needed months and months to recover.

The good news is, I think, twelve months on, I`ve rounded that corner.

These new runners don`t have the same support as my older ones had. They`re what`s called a neutral fit.

I`d had a gait analysis done in a sports`shop and was told that I overpronate because I have flat feet. Yes gait analyses are  controversial enough: my podiatrist thinks they`re a load of ballyhoo. But she agrees that I do indeed have flat feet and my arch does need supporting.

But when I`d insert the orthotic into my supportive shoe, I felt like I was running on big beach cobbles. It`s only now, with the neutral shoe, that the orthotic finally works.

The new runners are Nike Dual Fusion. They`re light. They`ve a squared off toe box, which I love. I also love the colour. And adore the price. At €55 they`re less than half the price that I paid for my previous pairs of Brooks Adrenaline.

Prompted by a commenter on a previous post, I did investigate Nike and sweatshops. I am not fully reassured. But the other runners  which I saw in my two local sports shops are also made in China and Vietnam i.e Reebok, New Balance, and Adidas.

I`ve been running on these Nikes for the past two weeks. Fifteen-twenty miles per week. And finally, I can say, that my foot pain is gone. Gone! I don`t wake up, put my feet on the ground and start hobbling. I don`t even have that old back twinge anymore that scuppered by last half marathon attempt.

Okay, early days, early days. But I am optimistic. After a summer of trying to build my speed right back to the good old days when I could run nine minute miles, I hitting a little bit faster than that right now. Who knows? Maybe I can get even better.

The best bit is, that I get to keep the gifts that hypermobility bestows.  I can touch my toes without bending my knees. I can get my thumb to touch my inner arm. I can bend my fingers back to ninety degrees.

Yep, it`s debateable if any of these skills are of any use whatsoever.

But hey, its nice to have something to brag about.

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17 thoughts on “New Shoes

  1. if you have flat feet then your podiatrist is sensible talking about arch support. but at the same time my podiatrist will say that a well developed arch places stress on the plantar fasc. and so also needs support. I guess support=paid-for-insoles!!! Either way I would simultaneously embark on a program of daily calf/Achilles strengthening (ie glorified standing on tiptoes). When you get injured in a few months times you will look back and say ah yes, I wish i’d done that now that i’m about to be out of ation for a few months 😉 [maybe!, hopefully not]

    • Thank you for your very informed comment. And, since you`re the Go-To 5 km expert who`s advice I`m taking to improve my running performance, I`ll take this advise on board too!

  2. Very good to hear that your feet are comfortable! That is super-amazing bendiness you have. I’ve noticed in school that children with very bendy fingers (particularly where the index finger reverse-bends at the first joint) seem to find it much harder to hold a pencil effectively. I don’t know whether they are hyper-mobile at other joints though.

    • Oh, that`s interesting. And pencil grip is pretty important for pencil control of course. I know there`s a condition called hypotonia which means the muscles are weaker and this too, can affect pencil grip-though maybe it encourages more of a tripod grip than anything else. Interesting topic-pencil grip, I mean. Some of the better writers I know have really bizarre grips.

  3. Love the new shoes, and pleased to hear your feet are better. I read an article in the latest Women’s Running Magazine Australia about speed and flexibility. It said the greater the flexibility the more chance to build speed 🙂

    • Oh, I`m wary about online shopping too. But I couldn`t get these exact runners locally and well, needs must. I also read good reviews about the online company before committing to them.

  4. That’s great news RH, onwards and upwards. I’ve been hugely lucky in never having had any running injuries or issues when others seemed to be plagued by them. I can barely touch my knees without bending though 🙂

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