Billy came between me and my mid week run. I shouldn`t have let him. But weak willed creature that I am, the sight of him prone on the floor, the whole gleaming length of him, was just too much.

What woman wouldn`t cave? I got my hammer and my screw driver and set to work.

Thirty minutes later, I emerged from the bedroom beaming with pride. And with a brand new bookcase standing tall and proud in the corner.

Billy isn`t just any old bookcase: he`s Swedish. And, since he sprung to life in IKEA, over thirty years ago, over 41 million of him have been sold. So I wouldn`t be at all surprised to hear that you have a Billy yourself. Or, at the very least, knows someone who does.

Billy is highly adaptable. And oh! he`s cheap as chips. Actually he`s all chips, zillions of them compressed together in the form of chipboard and slickly veneered in a selection of colours.

So, if it`s a sturdy heirloom piece you`re seeking, Billy isn`t for you. On the other hand, if you`re after a bank of presses to stretch the length and height of any wall, Billy may be your only man.

Billy Bookcase

Simple, but effective storage.




Ikea supply glass and solid doors for the Billy too.

My dream house would have wall to wall shelves of books with comfortable seating areas. I believe Billy can make that possible. I have the books, I can follow pictorial instructions, I have a screwdriver and hammer. All I need is more Billies.

But not just yet. For now, I must don my running shoes and head for the road. Let no man come between me and my run.

Not even Billy.

Picture Credits:

First Picture comes with lots of encouragement, and tips, on assembling your own Billy right here.

Second Picture is from this website

15 thoughts on “Billy

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  2. Not a clue what you were on about. Seems I’m still in the dark ages as I’m no fan of flat pack… no fan at all! 😉 Suppose that makes me just another cantankerous old fool! 😉

  3. What would we do without Billy! We have quite a few of them around the house – but still don’t have enough shelf space for all the books we have. I really should get rid of some of them, but find it so hard to part with any even though I’ll probably never re-read most of them!

  4. How sad is it that I knew exactly what you were talking about before you even mentioned ikea? Half my house is furnished in ikea; I love it but my husband likens it to a bad boyfriend: he hates it but just keeps going back!

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