In Search of Colour

November has been terribly kind to us this year in Ireland. It has, for the most part, been dry and bright, with just enough snap in the air to make it pleasantly invigorating. Perfect, then, for a weekend foray to the National Botanical Gardens, Dublin in search of colour.

15 thoughts on “In Search of Colour

  1. I loved these photos, especially the ones against the blue sky. Well worth clicking on the first one and seeing them displayed in their full glory. Beautiful. It’s pretty grey here today, so they gave me a lovely ‘Good morning’ feeling, and made me grin. 😀

    As a bonus, it was also lovely to think that maybe sometimes my photos cheer up someone else’s day, as well as giving me the pleasure of taking them and putting them on my blog – rather a selfish response in a way, but it’s too easy to get cynical and not fully appreciate other people’s kind comments. Or maybe that’s just me?

    Thank you for sharing them. 🙂

  2. Great photos – I just love this time of year and had despaired of colour as October trees were drab, but November has changed all that , with the frosty nights this week adding to the glory, Thanks for brightening up my Sunday morning!

  3. Terrific photos, you’re correct it’s been a gentle autumn trouble is I see seedlings emerging everywhere and sadly know they will be killed by the first heavy frost.

    • Thank you, Roy! The biggest thrill though is that there`s a new gate linking the National Botanical Gardens with Glasnevin Cemetery so I slipped in there afterwards and enjoyed being with my heroes for a while. More pics and a blog post to follow, but I know you`d really love to get there in person and hope you plan to sometime soon!

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