Streaking for Advent

Naked runners start race on beach watched by bathers

Wheeeee!!!! I`ve joined the Advent streak!

The Czech trip had left me feeling physically depleted.  Over worked and over there, I hadn`t eaten too well. And, since, promises to run while abroad were washed away in a tidal wave of Pilsner, I was thrilled, upon my return,to read the Guardian article on the latest health kick: streaking for Advent.

Alas, for mankind, I won`t be doing this streak in the nip. No. It`s far too cold for that. Instead, the streak involves just running every day right up til Christmas. Fully clothed.

So far, so good. (Well, it is only four days!) Teen girl enticed me out on Sunday for a short run. On Monday, I enjoyed a nice four miles along the promenade. Yesterday, I was content with a two mile trot around town. And this evening, a relaxing mile long trot sufficed.

Oh, there`ll be challenges ahead. I`ve a couple of full on days coming up. They will involve a work/fun combo with no space for streaking in between. Cue pre dawn run.

Now, I pride myself in my determination. Nay, my sheer grit. I ran a marathon after all.

But, in my book, there`s nothing as miserable as a pre dawn run. Except maybe running in wind and rain. And knowing my luck, I bet those pre dawn trots will feature both.

Oh, I can do lots of things before sunrise. I can read, eat breakfast, blog, even.

I`ll even actually crawl out of my bed and into the cold kitchen to the evening meal underway, or a cake baked, or a little housework done before dawn.

But, yes, all those pre dawn activities are all in the comfort of my own home.

A treadmill might be the answer for some but I`ve done enough gym stints to know treadmills and me are incompatible. I will simply have to brave the cold dark mornings.

So yes, a couple of challenges lie ahead with the Advent streak.

If I just remember now, not to accept any of my tired old excuses, and not to hit snooze on my alarm clock, I should be okay.

The above picture came from  The Guardian newspaper, by the way. It has a nifty little running blog which is worth checking out too.

And you don`t have started the running streak last Sunday. Join in any time. It doesn`t have to be a running streak, either. Why not chose an activity that you enjoy?

But, be good for goodness sake, and keep your clothes on! 😉




Photo: Rafa Rivas/AFP/Getty Images via The Guardian newspaper


11 thoughts on “Streaking for Advent

  1. My last early morning runs were in Dublin, simply because the roads are so mad in the evening. Loved being up with the early birds, the quietness, the lighting along the quays and the IFSC. Enjoy!

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  3. Atta girl! I did a 50 day fitness streak (not running every day though – 30 minutes of fitness stuff a day) back in March – May (the 5×50 challenge – it’s coming up again next March, linked to Sport Relief – website doesn’t seem to be quite ready to be active yet though). I really enjoyed it, but I think I overdid it a bit at times. Recovery runs are good too. 🙂

  4. Oh RH pre dawn runs are the best imagine that smug ‘I ran early and can get on with my day’ feeling. I think once you have done a couple of streaks you will be converted. I see its snowing over there in Ireland so best wrap up warm

    • The thinking with the everyday runs, is that one makes sure to throw a couple of really easy runs into the mix so that they`re your recovery days. I think most of my runs though are recovery runs….

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