Christmas Day Run

You all know how I hate to brag… still, it`s Christmas, so I`m going to allow myself this one exception…

I ran five miles today. Yay! Christmas Day run done!

Perfect running weather. Temps just hovering at freezing point, which made the road  a little hazardous in places but all that crisp air and silence-oh, boy the silence!-made for a perfectly relaxing run down by the river.


Experiments with my new iphone camera weren`t quite as successful as I`d hoped. Still, it was cool spotting this grey heron and running beneath these blue skies


River Vista


And really, really cool getting home to this big bird….

Turkey 2013

… and for this, my most favourite dinner of the whole year…

Christmas Dinner

Spot your red cabbage, Sharon?

I realise this mix isn’t to everybody`s taste. But I could eat it for two weeks straight. Which is just as well, because, with all that`s left over, it`s likely that we`ll get the next few dinners out of it!

Crash time, now. I`m glued to the sofa about to dig into some of my Christmas reads. I got two brilliant books to add to my stash this Christmas.

But more about them in another post. Hope you`re enjoying the down time, and the running time in your place!

10 thoughts on “Christmas Day Run

  1. Well done on your run. I used to do a few miles regular on Christmas Day but settled for a walk instead this year. Happy Christmas RH, look forward to following your excellent blogs through 2014.

  2. My new year’s resolution is to keep following your blog because you make me feel so guilty about lack of movement that I’m bound, by conscience, to do something about it… Eventually… Yes, I will.
    Had the red cabbage myself today too. Lovely!

  3. Red cabbage spotted! Cannot believe you ran today, no chance my family would never allow it, I would never have time and after being awake since 5 no energy! Well done, in awe of your dedication.

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