Lies, Damned Lies and…

…then there are statistics.

Stats are fascinating though. We can fool ourselves up to the two eyeballs but the stats, that number, that measure will tell a different story. Might not always be the truth, mind. But they should at least make us think “Uh,oh. What`s going on here? “

That`s exactly what I thought when I reviewed my blog`s yearly stats. As you do. Here was I congratulating myself on writing a variety of posts-and some really clever, witty ones too!-about a variety of topics.

But the stats tell me most readers come here to read about Mary Berry and Yottam Ottolenghi.

Naturally my “Home page/Archives” gets the most amount of hits. And the “About” page gets a lot of traffic too. So, if I leave these out of the stats picture, here are my top five posts for 2013

In fifth place, and on 152 hits is

Yottam Ottolenghi`s Herb-Stuffed Tomatoes

Ottolenghi`s Herb Stuffed Tomatoes

Ottolenghi`s Herb Stuffed Tomatoes

I`ve got a soft spot for the Ottolenghi cookbooks. They make me trawl through the deepest recesses of the most obscure Asian food shops to find that quirky, but essential ingredients. And anything I made from is book plenty is both delicious and nutrient dense. Perfect running fuel. 

He was pipped into fifth position, probably because of all the fuss around The Great British Bake Off and, here in Ireland, The Great Irish Bake Off, this year. People can`t seem to get enough of baking these days.

So, in fourth place on 160 hits it`s  Mary Berry`s Fast Flapjacks


With a creditable 224 hits, Running Wisdom is in third position

Ms Trunchbull

I`d like to think that post is popular because of my witty, no holds barred writing style. Red Hen at her eloquent best.

But the truth is there are people out there who are fascinated by the glorious Ms Trunchbull of “Matilda” fame and so arrive in search of the above picture.

At least I can claim a likeness to her, which is something, I suppose…

Now, in second position and on 312 hits is my post Men In Tights

Mankini Man

Mankini Man

Yep, again my own ultra clever attempt at humour. (Groan. I hate reading my old posts…) Or some of my male readers wanted to know my opinion on men wearing running tights. (Don`t Do It!)

But maybe people are drawn to it for the picture of Borat above? I have to say, I`ve a soft spot for guys that entertain us all with their Borat impressions midway through torturous long distance runs. Or anytime, really!

And now, let`s hear it with your drum roll and trumpet please…

…on a staggering 845 hits….


Key Lime pie 2

            Mary Berry`s Key Lime Pie

Well, people arriving at that page haven`t come for the food photography, anyway.  Look at that crust? See how uneven it is? And the lumpen pieces of lime on the top…

Funny thing is, I haven’t done that pie since.  It`s full of the worst possible ingredients-condensed milk, cream and sugar. It should have no place in a running blog.

But of course, this isn`t a running blog. And it`s not a food blog either, despite three out of five top posts featuring food.

I think its sort of morphing into a lifestyle-in-Ireland blog.

If I were to stick with what the stats are telling me, I`d keep posting everyone else`s recipes and improve my food photography.

But I am more interested in running races, seeing more exhibitions, learning more about history and art in Ireland and beyond.

The stats reflect what the fly-by-night reader looks for. It`s followers and loyal readers that I`d prefer to blog for.

Your opinion matters more than the stats, after all.

So, if you get a chance, could you tell me what you would prefer to read about here?


Picture Credits:

Ms Trunchbull

Borat in Mankini







15 thoughts on “Lies, Damned Lies and…

  1. I like variety, and think it will only become uninteresting if you stop writing about what is on your mind, and start pandering to the statistics. Congratulations on all of your blog traffic. *applause*

  2. I love the food posts. Oh, and the Ireland posts. Oh, and the running posts! You could probably post something on auto mechanics or string theory and I would love that as well because your writing rings so true. Thanks for a great year of posts!

  3. I found your blog through another one I read, and the thing I like most about it is that there is always something different on it. I love running, but your posts about Ireland and its history make me want to visit there even more. I did really love your soda bread recipe, though!

  4. I enjoy your light hearted approach to your life in general. I love to hear you talk about your country…….. a big chunk of my ancestors came from your fair land. I guess i just like the way you write.
    P.S. I love stats but WP stats confuse the hell out of me too.

  5. Hey RH I love all your posts keep up with the good work. Thanks for advice re men’s running tights, hubby requested pair for Xmas I said no chance – once I’d stopped laughing!
    More cooking, more Ireland, more photos, more running, more Parkrun, more ALL of it please.

    • Haha! Thanks, Sharon. I`ve just followed your lead right from the beginning!

      Right now, I`m having crisps and wine by the fire. Heaven! But, to be fair, I did get a run in today and I know it`s all heads down and keep on running from Jan 1st! Ooohh, I can`t wait! 😦

  6. See, I’m with Roy here as food prep isn’t high on my list of interests – but your wonderful posts about Ireland and the travels you do, plus your running posts I absolutely love – so please keep going and don’t be upset if I don’t comment on the recipes – which I’m sure lots of readers love anyway. Happy New year and Happy Blogging 😉

    • Oh no. I don`t mind in the least if someone doesn`t `like`or comment on a post. Honesty is infinitely preferable!
      I think a lot of those recipe hits are really from people trawling through the web for a quick dinner or dessert idea. They`re not as interested in running or any of the other stuff-the stuff I prefer to write about.

  7. ‘But I am more interested in running races, seeing more exhibitions, learning more about history and art in Ireland and beyond’ – in a nutshell. Love your writing & pics, I skip over the foody bits though clearly you have a gastronomic claque of followers too 🙂
    Best wishes for 2014.

    • Great! Thanks for your honesty and your feedback. And for your good wishes.
      Wishing you success with your very many endeavours next year-especially your latest Irish novel!

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