Forest Run


Janathon Day Two, and yesterday`s floodwaters have yet to recede.

I pitched up at my usual haunt for a bog standard three miler. But found the road impassable, due to flooding and the canal tow path was under water too.

So I made a quick scoot around to find an alternative. And a nearby forest delivered the goods.

I`d run in some of this forest before, but not this part of it. Sure, some of it was too muddy, but pushing on to higher ground, I found this
new route
…and even this…

Clear run

Between outlying road and in forest trail, I trotted out three miles in all.

Nothing supersonic about my speed, of course. And, anyway, I was more intent on staying upright than picking up the pace as there were lots of roots to trip over. (Yeah, excuses, excuses!)


And of course I took time to stop and stare…


Finished off the run on a nice patch of roadway so I punched out a little bit of interval training there, if only to experience the sensation of actually running, as opposed to just plodding along.

Ooohh, wind howling and rain beating against the window as I type! Is there no end to it? Might start a swimathon…


Three miles done.
Interval training started again.
New route discovered.


25 thoughts on “Forest Run

  1. Oh that looks nice, I guess you are testing out the weather and taking the edge off it before we get it. So thank you. It is bad enough here in the south east at the end of the conveyer belt so to speak.

    • Yes, I`m here trotting along, soaking as much as I can up, like a giant superabsorbent, bouncing sponge. Just so you don`t get your dainty red feet wet.;-)

  2. I love running in the forest, in fact just about to head out as too windy on lanes would get blown off to Scandinavia from here assuming I missed the wind farm turbine blades – could be messy, so I’ll stick to the forest.

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