Janathon Days Four and Five

Dundrum Shopping Centre

Janathon Day Four:

Venue:Dundrum Shopping Centre, Dublin. Mileage: Minimal. Energy Levels:Poor.

Beverage of Choice: Tall Cappuchino with Irish Times on the side. Weather: Immaterial

When I was Teen Girl`s age, all I wanted to do was browse the shops. So I get it. That said, I don’t have the same need to browse anymore, so we`ve worked out a good compromise. We meet up every hour and, in between, she shops and I flit between the bookshops and cafés.

Whatever works, right?

Naturally, any exercise time was gobbled up but hey, I`d have rather run ten miles really. Honest!

Janathon Day Five:

Venue: Local footpath. Mileage: 3.5 miles. Energy LevelsExcellent

Beverage of Choice: Water. Weather: Even more water.

Seems there`s no end to the water, either. More storms, wind and rain forecast for tonight. Eek!

I got rightly soaked on this run but actually, it was almost warm out. 10 degrees Celsius! And I felt just great.

Going to start the Hal Higdon Half Marathon Training Plan tomorrow. No, I haven`t earmarked a particular Half marathon yet. It`s just that I`ll run better if I`m told what to do.

Typical woman. Ever obedient! 😉

10 thoughts on “Janathon Days Four and Five

  1. Bookshops and cappuccino sounds good to me except that our shopping malls are a disaster at the moment with all the sales on – places to avoid because of all the crowds. Think I’ll join you for a brisk walk on Janathon Five… and lag behind happily.

  2. I’m a jogger too! As you know, it makes you feel so good. I can see why people become addicted. It’s OK if you don’t jog every day…probably better for you if you mix it up with other activity…even if it is mall walking. 🙂 ~Sherry

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