A Janathon Alien in Skerries

Skerries Dusk January

I am back in the Janathon groove. Almost.

Friday, according to Hal, was crosstraining day. So I dived back into a little yoga. It`s been a while. Waaayyy too long, in fact. Which is a shame, as I enjoy all that pose holding and stretching, along with the opportunity to meditate.

Any excuse to whip out a candle, sit cross-legged on the floor and go “Ohmmmmm“.

Saturday saw me braving the rain to trot a little four miler around town. Miserable weather, but, since Jogathon asked, I`ll let you all know my brand new weapon in this miserable state of affairs: a well-fitting beanie.

There I was, slogging along for years in any old cap. As if I didn`t look bad enough. Anyway,through some lucky fluke,  I left all my old caps at home last week and had to grab one in the nearest sports`store. Came away with a perfectly fitted Karrimor beanie, complete with reflective bits.

Gosh, the difference it makes to have my head perfectly covered.  I realised that I don`t actually mind being drenched to the skin, I just need my head to feel warm and dry. And the cap needs to feel snug. Not like it`s going to blow away any second.

Prior to this, my regular cap made me look like some kind of Dalek with an extra piece of skull attached to the top of my actual head.

No, not my very best look.

Breatheable gear? Waterproofs? I have none. Never found anything to suit. I can`t bear to be hot when I run so that`s parked all rain jackets for me. Instead, I wear my usual fleece and reflective gear.

But now, the cap fits and that makes all the difference.

Today, I combined a little photography, with Teen girl quality time, and my Janathon duty, to run two miles. The venue was Skerries, North County Dublin, which, as my regular reader will tell you, I go back to again and again.

Today was rather pleasant in this neck of the woods. No rain, but with temperatures hovering above freezing, I availed of the opportunity to flash my new beanie at the bewildered locals.

And there were plenty of locals about. The harbour and promenade were buzzing. Good to see, particularly in January.

Indeed,they might all be Janathoners, for all I know. Perhaps Janathon HQ is located in this quaint North County Dublin village? Or maybe there`s a secret convention of Janathoners cloistered within the village for the month? Or Janathoner aliens who`ve plopped into Skerries for their Sunday run, just like me.

Knew I should`ve worn my Dalek beanie….


14 thoughts on “A Janathon Alien in Skerries

  1. Yay! I ran as much as you today – that makes me feel very good. Even though it was a short run for you, and a long run for me. 😀 Running by the sea looks lovely – so much sky.

    Maybe I should try getting a candle out when I do yoga (but I draw the line at Ohmming).

    • Well go you!I bet you`ve got more miles in you than you actually give yourself credit for! Anyway, must go check up on you. Haven`t seen you in a while. I expect you`ve been bumped off my WordPress reader by the wordpress gremlins. Or maybe it`s the Janathon aliens….

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