Stretch in the Evening

Long, long ago, when I was a little kid, it seemed to me then, that every old person was obsessed with the lengthening daylight hours.

Arra, isn`t that a grand stretch to the evening now?

We won`t feel again `til it`s Spring.

And here I am, all these years later, only thrilled to note that final glimpse of sunlight as I trek home from work. The promise of birdsong and bleating lamb, budding leaves and bulbs cannot be far away now.

I received a lovely gift today of a planter. Filled with blooming polyanthus and bulbs, it was spiked with a little note

“Spring is not too far away now. Looking forward….”

Oh cheerful thoughts!

Maybe the stretch in the evening gave me the impetus to do some stretching of my own. Yes, more yoga. This time more physical stretching and less of the meditative stuff. I need to be in a certain frame of mind for that.

And afterwards, another stretch. This time a mile and half jog with Teen Girl. And she`s stretching herself too. She easily managed the distance and seems to be picking up the pace well.

So, all in all, a delightful day. Sunrise in these parts is at 8.23 tomorrow, sunset at 16.51. Daylight will stretch out in increasing increments of three minutes each day right through til midsummer.

Yes indeed, `tis grand to see it and I am looking forward.




6 thoughts on “Stretch

  1. we are feeling it here in Canada too. I would also welcome some warmer temperatures. On my way to work this morning my car indicated that it was -37.5C out. It seems the older I get the more I prefer daylight and warmer weather – even 0C would be a grand improvement 🙂

  2. It is always such a pleasure to leave work in the daylight hours. Here we’re at 7:14am for the sunrise (although the light is beckoning slightly earlier) and 5:02pm for the sunset. woot! 10″ of snow on the ground, but spring will be here soon! …maybe…

  3. I’m the same. Every minute of gained daylight matters. Sometimes I find the website for sunrises and sunsets and just study how the days change … second by second! 🙂

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