I`d a very pleasant surprise tonight. Well, two actually.

First of all Teen Girl actually asked to go running. How good is that, eh? Damned if I`d ever have asked my mother at her age. And, for two reasons: one, it just wasn`t the `thing`in those days for mothers to be seen running, and two, damned if I`d be begging anyone to run anywhere, anyway.

The next surprise came within the run itself. Teen girl likes to take her time. And I am literally with her in all of that. She`s a calmer individual than I am. She won`t beat herself up any time soon on just how fast her last run was, she`ll just run at a gentle pace and stop if the going just gets a little too tough. I can see that method is really working for her. Her times and distance have increased-without her even noticing that-and she`s not all worn out from the sheer effort.

Granted, she`s a teen and not an oldie. Still, there`s a lesson in there somewhere.

But yes, the run… Well, we did three miles. Pain Less Ly. We actually thought we`d run about a mile, checked Runkeeper and Oh my 1.5 done! We`d already planned on doing another loop and did just that. And it was extremely pleasant.

Janathon mileage now stands at the forty. I may be missing a 1/2 km in there somewhere. But, since I`m at the bottom of the Janathon pack in terms of mileage(oh, and speed and form, I`m pretty sure) you won`t mind if I round things up, will you?

Oh, and more good news…

I`ve finally surrendered to the might of the Garmin Gremlins. I`ve tried everything to resurrect the darn thing including hard reset, soft reset, tweaking with all the buttons, letting it charge up and down and retweaking all over again. Got through to the support crowd today and they`re replacing it For a fee, of course, since it`s out of warranty. But at least it will be done.

So yeah, Janathon Day 24 done and I`m seeing a little progress.


15 thoughts on “Progress

  1. I could write a book about teenagers and athletics and I’m still not sure I’ve got it. Certainly in your daughter’s case it’s (1) lack of pressure to excel (2) fun (3) being with her mum in a positive joint venture (4) probably desire to keep in shape. This activity is so worthwhile for her in itself and it need not lead on to anything greater. Hopefully it will inspire a lifetime habit which, in turn, she’ll pass on to her children.

    • It`s wonderful to see elite athletes doing their thing but I think a lot of sectors in society now are cottoning on to the fact that fitness is for everyone. Damned if I know what exactly works to get teens out there-I`ve still got one teen who just doesn`t get enough exercise and I`m trying different methodologies on him, but to no avail. `
      On the other end of the spectrum, there are the very talented elite running teens who suffer a lot of injury from overworking their joints in a variety of sports. It`s an interesting subject Roy. Maybe you should actually write a book about it!

    • She has a teacher in school who runs their athletic club and honestly, I am just thrilled with that dear woman for taking the interest, doing it in her own time, and not putting any pressure on the girls so do really enjoy going. She may never have any winners in that club but she`ll have a whole troupe of girls who are into fitness-and that`s the real win.

      • Lovely post. That’s one special teacher. 🙂

        I rather wish I’d discovered running (even in my minimalist way) when my two were still in their teens, as I’m pretty sure they’d have come running with me then, as they were both into sports (when I wasn’t) – though they’d have rapidly left me behind! Still, they’re both fairly active, so they may yet turn out to be runners.

  2. are they upgrading your garmin or replacing it with the same model? i just got the 220 and LOVE it, so if that’s an option, i totally recommend it.

    Good job with your teen–I’m so impressed that she even suggests a mother-daughter activity! But then again, those teen girls are all keeping their moms on their toes, aren’t they?

  3. Sounds a very nice run, and good news on the Garmin. Rounding up is fine by me by the way but then I am around the same level for mileage, speed and form, therefore feel rounding up may well be the way forward 🙂

  4. A few years back I trained with my daughter for a Race for Life. She HATED it and we nearly fell out over it. We haven’t run together since … I probably put her off for life …

    • I don`t know how long this running streak will go on with Teen girl. It`s perfectly possible that every run will be her last. But I do believe-and it`s true for your daughter too-that if they even get one mile into their legs at this age, and under any circumstances, it will encourage them to try again in later life. And that might just be enough.

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