Janathon Catch Up


Janathon update? Well, I walked the streets of Dublin at the weekend. That`s a Janathon activity, right?

While there, I made my annual pilgrimage to the Turner exhibition in the National Gallery. His watercolours are only exhibited for the month of January, in keeping with a stipulation in the donor`s bequest.

And, just for the fun of it, I rambled down to the Royal Hibernian Academy afterwards. The Micheal Farrell retrospective is in full swing there. You can catch it right up until the 23rd of February.


Ran four miles on Sunday. Had hoped to run six but then I discovered that when the sign reads Keep Out and Deep Excavation…

Keep Out

… it actually means Landslide About To Happen…

Land Slide

..and if you run on past that threat, well the muck ensure the route is impassable anyway.


At least I got to enjoy the views and the fresh air…


…and the riverside views…


…and a heron in flight, too.

Ran three miles yesterday.

Hoovered  and mopped today. That counts as a Janathon activity too, right?

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