Cringe Factor

Must Have Exercise Equipment

Look familiar? Yes, it`s the instruments of torture back again.

To be fair, I am improving at the hula hooping. My record stands at thirteen consecutive hulas. Or maybe they`re called hoops. Who knows?

Anyway, Teen Son barged into the room just as I was putting the hoop away. In one short sentence he reminded me that parents are their teenaged kids biggest embarrassment. And that an old woman hula hooping is a ridiculous sight.

Thank God I didn`t see you doing that! he exclaimed.

But, the really nice part of being a lady of mature years is that one really doesn`t care what anyone thinks.

And that`s why I looked even more ridiculous outside in the rain skipping to my heart`s content.

Anyone peering over the hedge would have got quite a laugh.

But I can manage one hundred skips without a break. Okay, only one hundred. But hey, it`s a baseline. I`m sure to get better.

Oh it`s lovely going back to all those activities of my teenaged days but with a wise old woman head. I am thrilled at the least little success. And I don`t give two whits if I look ridiculous in the process.

Janathon, Day 29

  • Running miles: Nil
  • Skipping: Intervals over twenty minutes.
  • Hoola Hooping: five minutes.
  • Mileage: Nil
  • Embarrassment: 10/10 if you`re any one of my offspring



9 thoughts on “Cringe Factor

  1. Just went and tried skipping (with a rather inadequate skipping rope, made from a chopped-off piece of washing line that kept trying to curl up). My first effort was a mere 15! The most I managed was 43, and I am seriously puffing. It was fun though. The hula hooping will have to wait until tomorrow. I work in a school, so can embarrass the children there when I’m on playground duty.

    Thanks for the inspiration. 🙂

  2. Another vote for the video… 😉 Now that really would embarrass your son! (Or perhaps you could hula with a bag over your head for anonymity?)

    I think I’ll take a leaf from your book and get back to hooping and skipping (especially while it’s cold out, as it doesn’t do my face any good at all).

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