Janathon Report


“Mum, can we go running?”

Okay, Janathon hasn`t been my best one in terms of running mileage. I managed a measly 47.3 miles, after all.

But, when Teengirl actually asks to go running, and for no other reason but the sheer pleasure of it, well, that`s a result.

And there were other improvements too…


Janathon also got me over my rain dread. At least temporarily. If I defer runs just because it`s raining, well, then I`m living in the wrong country.

And Janathon made me send away my garmin for repair. I`m poor at manually logging my runs and really miss my garmin for this. Meanwhile, I`ve downloaded Runkeeper onto my new phone but, whipping off my armband and fumbling around to get the phone out  means I have to stop to check time and distance.

The alternative is to have Mrs Runkeeper screaming in my ear and I`ve gone past the need for that now. So I`m looking forward to having a replacement garmin in the coming week or so.

Janathon saw me through some sadness in my life too.  And the knowledge that, while training sometimes needs to take a back seat, it will always be there to go back to, in some shape or form.

Must Have Exercise Equipment

Janathon also saw me finally getting to the core of things….

With my hula hoop and skipping rope! Wonderful crosstraining partners!

Of course, Janathon also brought out the shameless hecklers (There`s two of them linked in there!) who have called for me to post a video of myself working that hula hoop!

Well, just letting you know that I appreciate the feedback and, who knows, if you keep an eye on this space you might be in for a little surprise before the next Janathon!


16 thoughts on “Janathon Report

  1. That is excellent work RH – taking January by the throat and shaking it. And disregarding the weather, bring it on! I try to set an example to my (large) group of joggers as they register at 7pm by standing around in the gales and rain in my shorts so they get the message we are NOT going to cancel 🙂

  2. Oh, I’ve never been called a shameless heckler before!

    Brilliant news on teenage daughter wanting to go running with mum. 🙂

  3. Gosh, I dream about a child of mine asking me to go for a run with them, that really is an excellent result. Even my one child who does run won’t run with me because she says I go too far and too fast for her (speed is definitely relative). Glad that running has helped you with the sad time in January and I know it will help you through when the sad times rolls in and out (hugs). I would like to see that video too please 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. A successful Janathon all round then! You could have Runkeeper but muted, that’s what I do with Mrs Endomondo when I don’t want to hear from her. Downside if I forget everyone around me finds out about it at the 1km mark when she loudly tells them I have burned 80ish calories.

    • I only turn on the volume if I`m wearing earplugs but I`m trying to manage to run without those these days. Not sure if that experiment I is working either, though.

      Funny how, no matter how fast one goes, or how much one suffers 1 mile is still only one hundred calories` worth. Dang!

      • Nothing hurts more than only burning 100 calories, they should factor in how good chocolate tastes when they work that out!
        I go through phases. I ran for a while without music, but found it much easier when I used it again. I am going to bring my earphones on the next run, but not start out with music unless I get very bored with my own thoughts, or start actively responding to my own dialogue!

      • There is a setting in Runkeeper where the Mrs screams at you “on demand only”. I have yet to figure out how to actually demand the screaming when you do want to hear some stats. When I select that setting she tends to stay quiet no matter what I do.

      • Oh, don`t like the sound of that! I just get peeved when I feel I`m running much faster, and much further, than she`s telling me!

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