Moon and Jupiter

Jupiter slightly north of east of the moon.

See that teeny tiny speck just north west of the moon? Ah, go on, look really, really carefully. Yes! There! That`s Jupiter!

Such are the thrills of running. Miles of tedious trudging interspersed with occasional delights. And lousy photography!

Otherwise, Monday`s run wasn`t half bad. Four miles long, parts of it took me wheeling out along the promenade. Though darkness had descended, there was enough moonlight to pick out the shimmering azure of the sea and its foamy fringe slapping up on the rocks.

Someday soon I`ll be back down there on the beach again, savouring sunshine, sand and seabirds. Oh, I can`t wait!

But back to streetlights and footpaths….

Last night was run night with Teengirl. Another beautiful night, despite the forewarnings of the prophets of doom.

Yes, Jupiter was up there hanging out with the waxing moon again, though you`ll just have to take my word for it this time.

But the trophy for Startling Sight of the Night has to go to the daft runner who was running on the road beside a perfectly good footpath.

Yes, he did actually have a luminous gilet so it wasn`t like he loomed out of the darkness at poor unsuspecting drivers. But he wore it like it were some protective shield that would save his life in the event of a collision.

Anyway, he`s a twit.

Of course I didn`t say that at the time. No, I swore just loudly enough to burn poor Teengirl`s ears off. Then, full of remorse, I swore to give up swearing for Lent this year. Teengirl then swore she`d make me pay one euro into the Trócaire box for every curse word. She knows how mean I am, so that should surely cure me.

There ya go. Every cloud and all that…

And a lot of lessons learned in just two miles!



8 thoughts on “Illumination

  1. One of the best things about running is being able to look about and appreciate the world around you, things that would normally flitter by unseen or unnoticed. I’ll take your word about Jupiter.

  2. Great picture – very atmospheric (and by clicking on it, I do believe I could see Jupiter). Or maybe a crumb. 🙂 I ran to the post box this evening (barely 100 yards) – not quite so impressive, but maybe better than nothing. 🙂

  3. That’s an excellent shot, RH. I can sometimes see Jupiter when I look out of the window as I often do during my late night wanderings round the house when I can’t sleep. How lovely to be running under the stars.

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