Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazza Navona

The trouble with Rome is that there is just too darned much to see.

Everywhere you turn there`s some building, or detail or piazza begging for your attention.

Take the Piazza Navona. We only chanced upon there on our way to the Pantheon. There was something strikingly beautiful and different about it all.

In need of refreshment, we stopped off at this delightful ristorante on the Piazza itself.
Piazza Navona Restaurant

That gave me time to swot up on Piazza Navona on my little guidebook. Oh my! The place was chock full of treasures. I practically stumbled out onto the cobblestones blinded by the light of it all.

To my right was Bernini`s Fountain of the Four Rivers. He designed it in 1651 for Pope Innocent, to show the spread of papal rule in four continents.

Fountain of the Four Rivers

So, four mighty rivers:the Ganges, the Nile, the Danube and the Plate are depicted in this monument.  Isn’t it astonishing to see such beauty hewn out of a big lump of rock?

Detail Monument in San Navarre Sq

I love the way the fountain waters are fed through the monument.

Detail Monument in San Navarre Sq 2

Detail 4 monument in san navarre sq

Detail 3 Monument in San Navarre

Getting even closer, brings greater rewards. Look at the detail on this foot, for instance.

Foot detail on the Fountain of the Four Rivers

Foot detail on the Fountain of the Four Rivers

That`s just one monument.

There were two other fountains either end of the piazza but I didn’t even get near them. There are two churches too and two palaces but I barely gave them a passing glance.

No, there were other sights earmarked on my Rome guidebook. Places to go, things to see and distractions to fight along the way.

And only a day and a bit to do it all.

Plainly, tossing a coin in the Trevi Fountain would be a very necessary step.

Should our energy flag and time run out, we would have to come back to see more.




11 thoughts on “Fountain of the Four Rivers, Piazza Navona

  1. Extraordinary craftsmanship. You teach a lesson in your opening lines. It’s too easy to visit someplace – I’ve been guilty very often – and mooch around without researching in advance the things of significance which must be seen. Then later you read what you missed 😦

    • I’d say your more careful than I am in that regard. Mind you, there’s so much to see in Rome, it’s even easier to fall into the trap of wanting to see too much.

  2. It is amazing how anyone can carve such detail in a lump of marble. The fountain is really beautiful – and the foot close up a great way for us to get a feel of the whole thing. More soon ?Hope so.

    • `Fraid my latest adventures have given me endless blog fodder though I really want to get back into running again, just as soon as this darned virus stops pestering me.

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