Light Exercise

Nurse: Doctor, it’s Red Hen on the line. She’s asking if she can go running.

His response is barely audible though I detect a distinct note of exasperation.

Nurse: The doctor says to wait until he checks you out next week. Meanwhile, you can start with some light exercise at the weekend.

Red Hen: Light exercise?

Nurse: Yes, but not for now. At the weekend.

It’s two whole days to the weekend. And what earthly use is light exercise? What if I lose fitness? Hey, what if I lose the will to go running again? And what if I miss the start of Juneathon?

But I say none of these things of course. I thank the nurse, hang up and consider my fate.

After making the appropriate mood adjustment -some three hours later -I decide light exercise must consist of catching up on all my favs’ blog entries, hunting down some alternative blogging material in a light exercise fashion, and letting my fingers trip across the keyboard.

Every cloud and all that…





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