Yay! Juneathon!

Mist Rising

Yes, the madness that is Juneathon is upon us once more. And, frankly, I am not sure why I am cheering.

Juneathon is a commitment to jog and blog on each of the thirty days of the month. The jogging part, thankfully, can be substituted for the exercise of your choice. F`rinstance, during the Janathon equivalent, building snowmen counted.

But hopefully, building snowmen will be a non-runner(no, I couldn’t resist…) in June. Instead, I see myself hitting the high road on my trusty bike..


…braving sharks in the open seas….

Killiney Beach

…and maybe, doing a spot of baking.

Okay, the baking won’t count. But I’ll have to ratchet up the carbs somehow with all that extra exercise, so expect a couple of new recipes thrown in there too.

Of course, I’ll be bringing my camera along. There should be plenty of flowers about and lots to see and do around this little part of the planet, while keeping me on my toes.

All the better if Juneathon progresses my Hal Higdon exercise plan. I treaded back very gingerly into running this week after a week’s hiatus. Fortunately, I enjoyed three very good runs and, as an added bonus, the recurrent foot problems seem to have resolved themselves.  So I am settling back into Week Three of the plan from Monday.

Yes, it’s easy to get out and about in June. All that sunshine is just sheer happiness waiting to be explored. The big challenge will be daily posting.

Here’s the thing: I have never blogged straight through for thirty consecutive days. I’ve done Janathon and Juneathon twice each. And I know that each time, come Day Fifteen my fingers freeze at the mere sight of the keyboard, the quality of my blog posts have descended into drivel and that even I am bored with my narcissistic self-absorbed daily musings.

So, much though I rave about Juneathon now, I’ll surely be cursing it then.

Still, it will be nice to tune into other runners and see what they make of Juneathon. Nice to make some new blogging pals, and keep up with some old ones. And nice to have that extra little push to get out there and enjoy the great outdoors.

So yeah, the challenge is on. If you’re not into running, maybe commit to some daily exercise in June that would push you, just a tad, out of your comfort zone.  And maybe even consider signing up with the merry bunch of Juneathon fanatics here. 

And if you are a fellow Juneathoner, leave me a comment and I’ll follow your progress.

Good luck Juneathon pals!







23 thoughts on “Yay! Juneathon!

    • Oh, but you have your bike and it suits you. Just take that out instead. I’m a a big believer in all of us getting out there but doing the exercise that suits us best. And, anyway, reading about your cycling adventures is a real treat.

  1. Hey, we’ve got no problem reading a blog from you every day – OK the recipes not so much for me. Delighted you’re running pain-free but, as you say, you can jump on the bike to give it a break. Good luck!

    • Thanks, Roy. Microblogging is allowed too. I’m assuming that means shorter posts so I’ll toss a few of them in too so I don’t get bogged down on this daily posting business.

  2. I just signed up! Eek! This is just after I already flubbed doing a 40-day “streak” along with some of my friends.

  3. Oh, how happy I am to be able to report that it’s the beginning of winter, Downunder ! [grin] And that, additionally, we don’t even have snow !

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