Juneathon Day One: Fauna

Juneathon Day One and I enjoyed a grand little four mile trot.

The focus should have been on speed and distance, of course, but I decided to forego all that in favour of figuring out how best to take pics with my iphone while getting up close and personal with the delightful flora that’s in abundance in these parts right now.

My trot took me through hill and dale, past a glorious meadow and on down by the river. It’s all similar terrain to that of my childhood days but of course, we have to get older and wiser to truly appreciate its glories.

It brought me back to the time when we kids sucked the nectar from the ends of cowslips before taking big fat bunches of them home where we stood them in jamjars of water. Β Or playing out in the fields for hours on endlessly summery days catching some unfortunate frog and grasshopper before releasing them back to the wilds again.

One of the things I love about running is that it keeps me in touch with nature. But these days I prefer to capture things on camera and leave the poor frogs and grasshoppers in peace.

Total Mileage: 4:00

Total Juneathon Mileage: 4:00

Pleasure 10/10


11 thoughts on “Juneathon Day One: Fauna

    • Yes, I am curious about how well the iphone will work for pics longterm. Obviously, I need more practice and well, this month is probably a good time to try that.
      Cowslip sucking? Hmmmmm!

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