Quick One

Yesterday’s saw me short of time and patience. So, a quick run was the perfect solution.


My default running mode is really just a slow meditative pace. Lovely for piling up the junk miles. Not so useful for making any actual improvements in either speed or fitness.

Today I picked a flat route down by the canal and the river, and just pushed on at a quicker pace. To a passer by, I am quite sure I appeared to be shuffling, but, believe me, that’s a close as I get to actual running.

Anyway, 2.14 miles done. Yes, the .14 is important.

Juneathon Day Ten: 2.14 miles

Juneathon Total: 37.14 miles








10 thoughts on “Quick One

  1. I now have a new term to add to my vocabulary: junk miles. I like the cluttery feel of the image. Not so formal. Just toss them in.

    But, and this is important, they are MILES. All miles are good miles.

    Fantastic photo.

    • Yes, the good miles v junk miles thing is something I really wonder about. I’m a lazy runner though and I think it’s too easy for me to slip into the comfort zone and cruise along. No harm in that for a couple of runs per week, maybe but I have to feel a little more pain if I am to improve. I think.

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