Juneathon Blueathon

A full on day at work, followed by weeding the flower bed and mowing the half acre, left me with neither the time or energy for a run. Well, that’s my excuse anyway.

The flower bed at least brought some colour and joy, although I am perhaps, rather too fond of blue.

Today’s Juneathon Mileage: Nil

Juneathon Mileage to date: 38.14 miles

20 thoughts on “Juneathon Blueathon

  1. Love your blue anemones. I’ve never had much success with anemones – or lupins either, as we’ve always lived on soil they don’t seem to like. A pity, as they’re such lovely cottage-garden flowers.

    Gardening is pretty good exercise – much better to do that, than go running and let the garden get out of hand. 🙂

  2. My flower beds are The Blue Flower Bed, The Yellow, The Pink, and The Rocks. I love blue also. And I often consider weeding a proper substitute for running. Heaven knows the backs of my thighs certainly get a work out…all that bending!

    • Oh, your flower beds sound so interesting. Sounds like you’ve plenty of work with them too. I presume the Rocks is a rockery? It’s something I’d like to try in the next year or two. I’ve seen some lovely rockery plantings in my forays around other people’s gardens.

  3. I must catch up on your posts as I have been out of circulation and had planned on beginning with oldest first, but when I saw these blue beauties I had to rethink! These are beautiful flowers, and how could you be too fond of blue? I hope you have loads more to share with us as the season progresses! They are just beautiful – thanks 🙂

I love reading, and responding to, your comments. Thank you.

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