The Regency Garden, Bunratty Folk Park

The bad news? I have fallen off the Juneathon bandwagon. The good news? I landed in Limerick.

Oh, and I have a plan for catching up with the rest of the Juneathon field.

Yes, I am still in Limerick for the purposes of this post. Or actually, just outside of the city in Co. Clare and I am back in  the superb Bunratty Folk Park.

This time, I am looking at some of the fantastic floral displays in the place, particularly in the Regency Garden there. It really is a breathtaking spot. A warm breeze was sweeping through there when we visited last Thursday, carrying the heavenly scents of jasmine and roses.

It was an invitation to look and linger, which we gladly accepted.

When I think of Regency, I am always reminded of Jane Austen. Assuming the planting of this garden is faithful to 1820s Britain, it is easy to imagine Austen’s cotery of characters rambling around this beautiful walled garden.

Three of the plants came from outside the garden-that’s the striped rose, the fushcia and the deep pink rose. They’re all from other parts of the folk park. Though I expect the foxglove and deep pink rose are typical of 1820s Britain, I am not sure about the candy striped rose. It was too beautiful to leave out, however.

There were no labels with these plants and so, I am at a loss for names. I yield to the greater expertise of my readers on this one. I’ve numbered them instead, and  be thrilled if you could name any of them for me.

Juneathon mileage in Bunratty Folk Park? I have no idea. I didn’t run around it though. It was more of a slow amble to savour the whole place.

But I did run on Wednesday. Just three miles.  And I had another nice amble around Limerick city yesterday, of which, more anon.

Juneathon Mileage Wednesday: Three miles

Juneathon Mileage to Date:55.14miles

Plans to catch up: On my Bike

Edited 22nd June: With Thanks to Hedwiga and Katie for helping identify the plants. And to Paige for trying!

Now, can anyone help name those plants, please?

12 thoughts on “The Regency Garden, Bunratty Folk Park

    • Ha! Like I knew and planned it! I wish! The best gardens have interest all year round, of course. But June is a wonderful month in any garden, I think.

  1. Can’t resist a plant name challenge! 13 is Rosa Mundi, a very old rose, which I have in my garden – wonderful scent, but even better it has a great story to go with it. I had to look it up, as I couldn’t remember the details – it involves a king and nuns, passion and poison –

    3. A hollyhock flower I think. 4. Antirrhinum (or Bunny Rabbits – what we called them when I was a child) 5. Perennial Cornflower (I watched wasps scraping something from the outside of the flower buds a couple of weeks ago – not sure what they were after) 6. Geranium of some sort 7. a mallow 11. Rose campion (pink/carnation family)

    Looks like a really lovely garden. Who cares about Juneathon anyway? He he!

    • Ooohh,brilliant!Thank you for rising to the challenge. Gotta love that rose even more for all the drama behind it.You’re passion and knowledge for Nature just shines through in your response. Thank you so much for your very informative response!

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