Juneathon Ketchup

Juneathon Day 21:

A midsummer’s park run. Yep, did it. Didn’t cover myself in glory. But, as it was a new park run course for me, naturally, I got a PB!

And, since I hadn’t competed in a while, I also experienced the sensation of actual running. I’ve been indulging in far too much jogging/shuffling lately.

Juneathon Day 22

Sunday and it’s supposed to be Long Slow Run day. Unfortunately, that clashed with Long Slow Hot day. And, while I scoffed at those lazy strollers licking ice-cream, two miles in I was reaching melt-down point. By three miles, I had thrown in the towel. And bagged me a ninety nine too. Ninety-nine ice-cream, that is. Not miles.

Juneathon Day 23

I had to sweet talk myself into running today. Isn’t that ridiculous? The very thing I know is essential for my body and mind, the very thing that underpins all my zest for life and I’ve to go persuade myself-like a mother cajoling her wayward toddler to leave the toyshop-that yes, you have to go and no, it doesn’t matter about the speed or distance, just get your runners on and get out that door rightaway and stop your nonsense.

Of course I enjoyed it. Actually, I trotted along by the river and made a point of taking everything in.


  • Fat lilies punching up through the still canal waters, fists of yellow petals on thick stems.
  • A Mama duck with her troupe of six ducklings. No Dada about. I’m guessing he’s holed up in the Duck Inn with a pint.
  • Another ‘new’ plant poking up among the reeds. It’s pinkish red and tall. Gotta get back there with my camera.


  • A couple(human) striding along by the river and not speaking. At all. I met them on the return trip and yes, same story: glowering faces.
  • The dumb dog on the dumb long lead with the dumb owner.
  • A man running towards me with no bra. No, it’s not an essential piece of kit for a guy. But it would have helped this fellow.

Juneathon Mileage:63.24 miles

6 thoughts on “Juneathon Ketchup

  1. Ha ha! You’re not usually catty RH but now you’re having a pop at everyone, even the ducks 🙂 I’m with you on the dumb dog owner though – don’t they act surprised when someone trips over the lead, like they imagine the world is empty only for them 😦

    • I fell once on account of a dog lead. It wasn’t quite the dog’s fault as I tripped over myself in trying to avoid him. I still blame him, of course! As for dog poop…

  2. I soooo know what you mean about the inner petulant child. Love the imagery of a warrior flower (punching, fists). Who says beauty has to be passive??

  3. Have just heard from a colleague who has returned recently from a holiday in your neck of the woods that the weather there has been so fantastic that some of the tourists were complaining because they wanted to experience the famous fine Irish rain. Is that true?

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