Juneathon Day 24: Ode to Sir Garmin

Juneathon, Day Twenty Four
Running mileage:Three.
I may have managed a little more
But had depended on technology
To let me know the miles, the speed
And, of course, the elevation
But my damned Garmin would not concede,
Much to my consternation.

We have a mixed relationship
Really, its a marriage from hell
I am his Lazy Ladyship
who never quite runs that well,
He’s happy to be seen on my arm, of course,
When we are out and about
But then, he swiftly loses his charm
When his battery soon wears out.

Or else he’ll start to bleep and bleep,
And when I tire of his teasin’
Suddenly, mid run, he’ll fall asleep
For no apparent reason.
Well its not my fault, how could it be?
Plainly Sir Garmin is to blame
I play my part, dont you see?
Now he should do the same.

I turn him on every day
like any good wifey would.
I cater for his energy needs
Whenever I’m in the mood.
Oh it’s hard to fulfil his electricity demands
He really is very greedy.
And I am the independent sort
Who detests a man so needy.

So maybe we’ve reached the end of the line
the end of the road, if you must.
It seems certain to be just a matter of time
Before our marriage turns to dust
So Sir Garmin, a chroí, wake yourself
Don’t be such a sleeper.
Or soon I’ll be off out that door
With your rival, Mrs. Runkeeper.

Juneathon Day 24: Mileage Threeish

Total Juneathon Mileage: 63.24ish miles.

15 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 24: Ode to Sir Garmin

  1. Which Garmin do you have?
    I have the Garmin Forerunner 10 and it works grand so far (once I realised that it’s best to turn it on and leave it outside a few minutes before I start running). Sorry to hear yours is cranky!

    • Yep, forerunner here too. But honestly-and maybe I should have pointed it out better in my piece of doggerel- I really blame me entirely. I grew up in an era when a watch only had to be wound up at regular intervals to work. It kills me that there are special little tweaks we have to make on certain parts of the bezel depending on what function we want and oh! we have to remember to plug the damn thing in HOURS before we leave for a run.
      See? It’s not him, it’s me….

  2. Excellent RH. Does Ireland elect a Poet Laureate? I think my Garmin still goes, after a fashion, (it’s a while since I’ve trained seriously enough to fire it up) and I haven’t got a gadget for those app-thingies.

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