The Green-Eyed Monster

Met a fellow parkrunner yesterday. Now, he’s a noob on the scene, glorying in his new found sport and newly toned body. And he’s buzzing with his park run success. Three runs down and already, he’s snipped three minutes of his initial parkrun time.

Natch, I’m extremely jealous.

How did it go for you last week? I asked, in relation to his latest park run.

I’m down to 26 minutes now, he grinned.  Hey, well done! I said, through gritted teeth.

You going next week?  he asked

Oh, probably, I said with a nonchalance I hoped conveyed that I hadn’t been bursting a gut training for it these past two weeks. There I am three runs in on our new course and I’ve knocked a whole twenty seconds off.

You’ll have to catch up with me then, he laughed.

Oh, I’ll be behind you all the way, I said. I swear he didn’t hear what I mumbled after that. He was just all to smug and pleased with himself

I ran last night. My two mile negative split run. The quick one, where I imagine myself bursting out of the box like a grey hound and running like hell. Knowing, of course, I probably look like a bloody ridiculous sweaty old woman shuffling along

Still, I ran the fastest two miles I’ve done in a very long time. Actually managed to kick into the magic(for me-it’s all relative, remember) 5:10 min per km average for a good portion of the return mile.

Yeah, I know, the conversions are a pain. But parkrun is 5km and, if I kept that pace up, I’d manage a 25-26 minute park run and beat the socks of Mr. Parkrun Noob.

Sadly, I can’t keep that pace up. Not yet. But Mr. Noob has added a little fuel to my fire now. And another focus for my training. And another reason to, at the very least, beat myself.

And that’s part of the fun of it all.

Who needs gels, foam rolling or intervals? Can I recommend jealousy? It’s free and it’s the perfect running fuel.


20 thoughts on “The Green-Eyed Monster

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  2. Crikey I read that as 5.10 per mile at first 😮 Good on you RH, not everyone likes speedwork and 5ks, which hurt. In my early days in Dublin I used to get up early in the dark. jog out from town to Sandymount, look at my watch and try to beat my ‘out’ time by five minutes on the way home. No better training than alternating speed with long runs.

  3. Nothing like a bit of healthy competition especially from a new runner and a man! On the very rare occasions that I pass my husband (when he has a niggle or returning from an injury) I do the road runner things and say ‘meep meep’ as I go by hehe. And 5:10 pace? That’s smoking!!! Go beat that noob Red Hen for us lady runners out there! ooo I mean, go and enjoy a lovely parkrun and encourage him with his running 🙂

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