Ulysses Cylinders


Molly cylinder

Look carefully now, because it’s just about the closest you’re going to get to seeing a naked lady in this blog. She’s a little out of focus and lolling around a glass cylinder, which isn’t perhaps, the best place to disport herself. But that would be the kind of carry on you’d expect from Molly Bloom.

Ulysses Exhibition 039

Another out of focus shot-but just to give you an idea of the coach house gallery

I found her in Dublin Castle`s  Coach House last Sunday, lolling about at the Ulysses Cylinders exhibition.

I knew nothing about Dale Chihuly or Sever Leslie. Though I had heard of Ulysses. I am in the Read the First Chapter of Ulysses Club so I have a vague notion of it’s involving a day long odyssey on June 16th 1904. It is delivered in episodes, rather than chapters and features Molly Bloom, her husband Leopold, Stephen Dedalus and an assortment of Dublin characters.

Leslie painted watercolours based on each episode. Chihuly had artists Flora Mace and Joey Kirkpatrick create glass drawings based on the Leslie sketches. And then he set to work with his glassblowing team to create each cylinder.

The exhibition takes place is the repurposed coach house of Dublin Castle. They are beautiful rooms with the alcoves providing the perfect spaces for Leslie’s artwork and display cabinets showing off each piece of coloured glass in gleaming perfection.

Unfortunately, this exhibition wraps up next Sunday, 23rd of August. It is well worth the trip there is you happen to be in town, but also well worth diverting to. The Chester Beatty Library is nearby too and, with the spacious surrounds of Dublin Castle and the excellent Silk Road café nearby it would be a delightful place to meet friends or family.

Or, indeed, Molly Bloom herself.

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7 thoughts on “Ulysses Cylinders

  1. Hmm. I’m not even sure whether I’ve read the first chapter or not. I know I once tried to read At Swim Two Birds (different author but a quick google check showed me that they are not totally disconnected) and failed. Maybe I’ll give them another go one day? 🙂

    • Yes, you’re quite right. Both authors spoke in riddles, just to befuddle us mere mortals. I can’t be sure I actually took the first chapter of Ulysses in but I did read each word.

      Good to see you,by the way!

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