So Many Blog Posts So Little Time

Chocolate Mousse

I have a truckload of blog posts written since I last tuned in here. One is as witty and interesting as the next. And, of course, each has been finely honed to reveal what a high-minded,progressive creature I am.

The only problem is that they’re all in my head.

Oh, you know how it is. There you are, mid-way through your long slow run. Bored as all hell with the endless miles, the bodily aches, the negative thoughts. You hit upon a brief reprieve as you consider all the blog fodder you can create on your return home.

Each jogging mile brings another blogging possibility. Quality stuff like “Why I hate small dogs and long leads and their dumb owners” or “How blackberries beat the pants off running gel” Good enough to be Freshly Pressed? No problem. And spike those stats? Well, of course. The difficulty will be fending off the hosts of publishers who want to sign you up.

Arriving home, high on endorphins, low on blood sugar, you raid the fridge, have a shower, curl up on the couch with the laptop.

And fall asleep.

It’s not for the want of good blog topics this week, either.

There was that pretty decent ten mile run last Sunday, f’rinstance.

And the splendiferous chocolate mousse I made on Monday.

Tuesday saw me running again, and later on, enjoying coffee and a chat with writer, PR person, and Martello Tower resident, Terry Prone. I could get five blog posts out of that alone.

Wednesday I bagged another run amid return-to-school chaos.

Thursday saw me ironing my little hen heart out but since that has got to be the most mind-numbingly boring task on the planet, I’d rather talk about the murder investigation TV programme that got me through it.
Need I go on?

Well, I should I suppose.

Or at least return to one or two of those topics.

And I intend to.

But which would you rather hear about?

Over to you…


23 thoughts on “So Many Blog Posts So Little Time

  1. Well that post was a joy to read! It can only be a matter of time before you are ‘discovered’ :). You could offer the IT a weekly column as they have never been the same since Maeve Binchy stopped sharing her wry observations on life, decades ago.
    As for the rest of us, give us a lash of the small dogs on long leads – I am sure that a bundle of hearty laughs will be unleashed!

    • Oh, Maeve had an ear for a good conversation-quite literally. I admired her hearing as much as the telling of it all. It was easy to imagine her sitting there looking like she’s lost in thought and smiling slightly to herself, while carefully dissecting the body language and conversation of her unwitting targets!

  2. I loved this post. That you have all those posts written in your head is something I can soo identify with – you made me laugh out loud. Your posts are definitely worthy of being Freshly Pressed – how come you’ve been overlooked so long remains one of life’s mysteries. Choccy mousse looks de-lish. But I’ll rad anything you write so just keep doing it please – in between the ironing. 😉

    • Oh, I don’t feel in the least overlooked. I’m happy enough blurting it all out here and yet staying nice enough below the radar to go undetected! A extra day in the week would be nice, though, don’t you think? We could call it Blogday…

  3. Hello again! Good to see you’re still running. Ten miles. Oof. Living in a Martello tower definitely sounds intriguing. Funny, but this post was just what I needed to nudge me back to blogging after a long summer break. So many posts written in my head – butterflies, running on a beach, dolphins, seals, jellyfish, cliff top walks, Henry Moore and Rodin… Cheers!

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  5. I like this as it is. It leaves the mind wondering about the posts that never were! The dog one struck home with me as this week a dog not on a lead went for my youngest. He was terrified and the owner didn’t even ask if he was ok. She just left!

    • Grrrr. Dog owners and their leadless pooping pups just make me see red. They’re just as bad on leads-long ones can trip anyone up and a lot of owners just walk along seemingly oblivious to the dangers to others.

  6. There is no one in the blogging world more high-minded and progressive than you dear Red Hen. I love to see your posts pop up in my reader because I know they are going to be interesting/funny/thought provoking or perhaps all three at once. Great post. Sounds like you’ve had a very busy week. Well done on the ironing and agree with you on the boringness of it. That chocolate mousse looks so yummy.

    • Good Lord, but it’s hard to keep it all going, isn’t it? Off to check out how you’re doing. Hoping you’re lagging waaay behind me. But suspecting you’re not! 🙂

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