Janathon Report


“Mum, can we go running?”

Okay, Janathon hasn`t been my best one in terms of running mileage. I managed a measly 47.3 miles, after all.

But, when Teengirl actually asks to go running, and for no other reason but the sheer pleasure of it, well, that`s a result.

And there were other improvements too…


Janathon also got me over my rain dread. At least temporarily. If I defer runs just because it`s raining, well, then I`m living in the wrong country.

And Janathon made me send away my garmin for repair. I`m poor at manually logging my runs and really miss my garmin for this. Meanwhile, I`ve downloaded Runkeeper onto my new phone but, whipping off my armband and fumbling around to get the phone out  means I have to stop to check time and distance.

The alternative is to have Mrs Runkeeper screaming in my ear and I`ve gone past the need for that now. So I`m looking forward to having a replacement garmin in the coming week or so.

Janathon saw me through some sadness in my life too.  And the knowledge that, while training sometimes needs to take a back seat, it will always be there to go back to, in some shape or form.

Must Have Exercise Equipment

Janathon also saw me finally getting to the core of things….

With my hula hoop and skipping rope! Wonderful crosstraining partners!

Of course, Janathon also brought out the shameless hecklers (There`s two of them linked in there!) who have called for me to post a video of myself working that hula hoop!

Well, just letting you know that I appreciate the feedback and, who knows, if you keep an eye on this space you might be in for a little surprise before the next Janathon!


Cringe Factor

Must Have Exercise Equipment

Look familiar? Yes, it`s the instruments of torture back again.

To be fair, I am improving at the hula hooping. My record stands at thirteen consecutive hulas. Or maybe they`re called hoops. Who knows?

Anyway, Teen Son barged into the room just as I was putting the hoop away. In one short sentence he reminded me that parents are their teenaged kids biggest embarrassment. And that an old woman hula hooping is a ridiculous sight.

Thank God I didn`t see you doing that! he exclaimed.

But, the really nice part of being a lady of mature years is that one really doesn`t care what anyone thinks.

And that`s why I looked even more ridiculous outside in the rain skipping to my heart`s content.

Anyone peering over the hedge would have got quite a laugh.

But I can manage one hundred skips without a break. Okay, only one hundred. But hey, it`s a baseline. I`m sure to get better.

Oh it`s lovely going back to all those activities of my teenaged days but with a wise old woman head. I am thrilled at the least little success. And I don`t give two whits if I look ridiculous in the process.

Janathon, Day 29

  • Running miles: Nil
  • Skipping: Intervals over twenty minutes.
  • Hoola Hooping: five minutes.
  • Mileage: Nil
  • Embarrassment: 10/10 if you`re any one of my offspring



Janathon Catch Up


Janathon update? Well, I walked the streets of Dublin at the weekend. That`s a Janathon activity, right?

While there, I made my annual pilgrimage to the Turner exhibition in the National Gallery. His watercolours are only exhibited for the month of January, in keeping with a stipulation in the donor`s bequest.

And, just for the fun of it, I rambled down to the Royal Hibernian Academy afterwards. The Micheal Farrell retrospective is in full swing there. You can catch it right up until the 23rd of February.


Ran four miles on Sunday. Had hoped to run six but then I discovered that when the sign reads Keep Out and Deep Excavation…

Keep Out

… it actually means Landslide About To Happen…

Land Slide

..and if you run on past that threat, well the muck ensure the route is impassable anyway.


At least I got to enjoy the views and the fresh air…


…and the riverside views…


…and a heron in flight, too.

Ran three miles yesterday.

Hoovered  and mopped today. That counts as a Janathon activity too, right?


Stretch in the Evening

Long, long ago, when I was a little kid, it seemed to me then, that every old person was obsessed with the lengthening daylight hours.

Arra, isn`t that a grand stretch to the evening now?

We won`t feel again `til it`s Spring.

And here I am, all these years later, only thrilled to note that final glimpse of sunlight as I trek home from work. The promise of birdsong and bleating lamb, budding leaves and bulbs cannot be far away now.

I received a lovely gift today of a planter. Filled with blooming polyanthus and bulbs, it was spiked with a little note

“Spring is not too far away now. Looking forward….”

Oh cheerful thoughts!

Maybe the stretch in the evening gave me the impetus to do some stretching of my own. Yes, more yoga. This time more physical stretching and less of the meditative stuff. I need to be in a certain frame of mind for that.

And afterwards, another stretch. This time a mile and half jog with Teen Girl. And she`s stretching herself too. She easily managed the distance and seems to be picking up the pace well.

So, all in all, a delightful day. Sunrise in these parts is at 8.23 tomorrow, sunset at 16.51. Daylight will stretch out in increasing increments of three minutes each day right through til midsummer.

Yes indeed, `tis grand to see it and I am looking forward.