Internet Fail

C`mon, tell me you`re just thrilled I`m back!

Doing all this via dongle. Yep, complete wireless fail at home over the past couple of days. And can`t access wordpress at work. Which is just as well, I suppose.

But. I have been exercising. So it`s not a full Janathon fail, I think.

Ran Wednesday. Five miles. One of which-the one I timed-was a nine minute mile. Not quite Roger Bannister but as fast as I can do right now.

Swam Thursday. One of the very many blessings of running is that my stamina had improved immensely. I love the water anyway, even though I`ve lousy swimming technique. But now, I feel like I can go on forever.

Swam seventy lengths of the twenty metre pool. Happy with that.

Now for the downside. My head cold is morphing into upper respiratory crapology. The one bad thing about running is, that, since I started, I`ve become more prone to chest infections. I know the drill by now: no running if the lungs are acting up. So  I passed on a run yesterday-went for a short walk instead. But I`m mightily tempted to swim again today.And just might, on the basis that it`s less cardiovascular for me than running and just about giving all my muscles a mighty fine stretch.

Okay, off to catch up on some of you while I can.





Wrote the most perfect blog entry while I was pounding the pavements this evening. Clearly, Janathon`s driving me nuts! But, I had it all, including links to music and  perfect pictures of me as I am now, and how I`ll be when I`m fifty six.

Got home. Made lunches, sorted squabbling teens, fixed up son`s school project, and bam! blog entry gone.

So you`ll just have to make do with this summary…

Ran five miles. It was really cold. But I felt great. And Kanye West isn`t half bad running music. Though I still prefer Leonard Cohen.

`Tis done!


Liffey Swim


Liffey Swim 2012

                                                                                                                                                                    Liffey Swim 2012

Yes, I swam today. No, not in the River Liffey in Dublin. But I have to say, I often think about it when I`m gliding through the pristine waters of my local pool.

I am fascinated by the challenge of swimming through the capital`s murky river. It`s been an annual event since the 1920s, I think. Yes, I`m too lazy to google. I`ve watched that race for the past three years and it just amazes me that hundreds-I think around four hundred, actually-take on that challenge every year. There`s a separate mens and women`s race and they include teenagers we well as seasoned swimmers in their late seventies.It`s over a mile long and they`re stuck out there in the middle of the river, with nowhere to stand and just the hope that a handful of boats will come to their rescue should the need arise.

To qualify for the race, you have to undertake three recognized sea swims first. I`m way off the mark. I learned how to swim properly last year, and even at that, I can only do the breaststroke for any reasonable length of time. I can manage ten freestyle lengths before my rhythm and breathing goes AWOL. I can swim a mile-I did it regularly last year and again before Christmas but just need to do that freestyle.

Yep, a challenge. I`m not committing to a timeframe until I master the stroke.

So,back into the swim again today. Had been scared of all those January gymmers taking over the pool, but I needn`t have worried. There were only three other swimmers there when I arrived.And two of those swiftly left at the sight of me. I`d no idea I looked so bad in a swimsuit but there ya go….

Fear not. This blog is not about to morph into a swim blog though. Swimming just complements the running. Its like a massage for my running weary muscles.And it`s very handy to fall back on should injury set it. And the running definitely gives me heaps more stamina for the swimming.

So I`ll dream on about the Liffey challenge.

Forty lengths done today.That`s half a mile.


………And not a trolley or bicycle in sight.



~What is life, if full of care/ You have no time to stand and stare~

Yes, a bee in January. Ignoring yesterday`s Epic Fail, I took myself off for a daylight run today. Told myself I`d take it easy. Relax. Enjoy the movement. Enjoy the scene. Not fret about speeds or breathing or form. Just Get Out There.

First mile was it`s usual crappy, I`m-not-fit-enough self. After that, I was heading up the hill anyway, so I was puffing and pushing on the whole way up. Got to the top and Reward! Mr Bumble Bee!

Two years ago,I had started running by taking a camera with me so that, I literally ran and stopped, when something interesting caught my eye. It gave me a whole new appreciation for the Great Outdoors and made running infinitely pleasurable.

Today`s pic was taken with my phone camera. Not the greatest pic in the whole wild world. But hey, you get the idea. Bee on flower in January. Maybe worth noting?

The pic was taken at the top of the hill. I`ve never seen a bumble bee out and about in January before. Maybe they do that kinda thing. Or maybe this winter`s just been exceptionally mild. Poor chap better get his woolly coat on though; it sure was getting chilly here this evening with a frost and maybe even snow predicted. Another reason to get my running done whenever I get a chance. Snow shoeing just doesn`t have the same appeal.

But, yes, it thrilled me to see this little fella.

As for the run downhill, yes, it was it`s usual pleasurable self. By the time I`d got to the bottom of the hill, I was begining to feel properly warmed up and ready for more. Downhill, of course.

Anyway, 5 miles done. Bee captured and joy unleashed.

Now, am I forgiven for yesterday?