Advent Streak Update

Christmas Baubles

My Advent running streak would have gone just fine if, well, Advent, hadn`t interfered with it.

Advent, that time of year for plays, parties and presents. That time when Christmas exam fever hits the Chook House and even a mediocre Mama Chook will have to hold the fort, calm the nerves and not be trotting off for her hour of running. That time, when the day job catches end-of-year frenzy with reviews, previews and projections.

That time, of too little time or no time at all.

So, yep, I`ve just missed running for three days in a row. I reckon that means my Advent running streak has morphed into an Advent running break.

Not to worry. There`s good news on the horizon. In the form of Christmas break. Yay! I`m off today, and so are the Teen Chooks, and, even though there`s a zillion things to sort between now and Christmas dinner, it will be so much easier to get the trainers on.


And, peeking around the corner, I see Janathon is homing into view once again. Signing up for that means I`ll have to exercise and blog about it every day. I`m dithering on that one. It`s a brilliant incentive to kick 2014 off to a great running streak. But finding the time for it will be a challenge.

On the other hand, it`s a great way to catch up with jogger bloggers all over the globe and see how they`re overcoming more daunting challenges than my bagload of gripes.

Oh, and it`s not just for joggers. Janathon exercise can be anything. In fact, you`re encouraged to mix it all up-swim, walk or even, build a snowman!

Another plus is that January is very unlikely to present any of the challenges of Advent. If anything, I`ll be full of New Year resolution and vim. And also bored out of my skull for want of things to do, and money to do things with. So yes, that makes Janathon very tempting indeed.

Then there`s the thousand mile challenge. That`s a commitment some folk make to completing one thousand miles in one year through any form of training. I have a page on this blog showing how I bombed spectacularly to (a)keep a proper running log and (b) run enough miles to fulfil 1,000 running miles this year. Janathon would give me a head start on that one.

Dither, dither.

Let me know if you`re signing up for Janathon, please! It would be fun to have a gang of us my favourite bloggers doing it!

Oh, and please tell me Advent has interfered with your training too! Or have you a magic formula that works for you?