Three Wins

Amaretti Cheesecake

Nom, nom, nom…. Like to try some Amaretti cheesecake? No, I can`t claim credit for baking it. That was my daughter`s doing.

The coffee coloured layer in the centre is crushed amaretti biscuits. And the whole delicious thing is loaded with calories what with fromage frais, ricotta cheese and cream in there too.

Wasn`t going to run today, but, having indulged in said unctiousness, I had to pay the price and pound some pavement.

In the end up, I peeled off the road and went through the forest. Hadn`t intended to do that either, but, I had my camera to hand.

And Ouch! My Back Hurts T200 challenge on my mind. I`ve no idea why it`s called T200. Go to his blog to find out. But I do know that the theme for this month is to photograph leaves. And where best to find them but in a forest, right?

And I was thrilled to have an incentive to head into the forest.I hadn`t run it before and I really wanted to check it out as an alternative running route.

Forest path April 2013

Yep, loads of potholes. The bane of any runner. But it wasn`t long before I hit a smoother patch of ground. And there was a nice little incline thrown in for good measure. There`s also a longer circuit that runs through the forest and around by the road. Probably five miles, in total. Something to bear in mind for the future.

Took a shorter route today, at just two and half miles. Happy enough with that. Thrilled to find a new, quick short route that should work very well for me in the drier(yes, I`m an optimist!) months ahead.

Didn`t get anywhere with the leaf assignment. But it sure made me observe my surroundings just a little more closely-when I wasn`t avoiding potholes of course.  I realised that actually getting a semi decent pic of leaves on my cheapo digital camera will be quite a challenge.  Of course there were the usual ferns, ivies and everygreens but nothing actually stood out as being picturesque. And most of the forest is deciduous anyway.With four weeks of April stretching gloriously in front of us, the those trees will take on new garb very soon and that could well be my cue to get snapping.

All was not lost, however, as I did get to photograph these guys in their paddock. Meet Hector and Josie…

Hector and Josie2

….Yep, they`re looking for some delicious leaves too and weren`t too impressed either by what was on offer. They headed back for the hay trough after I left them.

Garmin called 2.55 on my forest trek. Long enough to offset some cheesecake damage, it also opened my eyes on the photo challenge and provided me with a whole new running route.

Three wins in one day makes it a great day. Right?