Very Burnt Very Full Tart

Very Burnt Very Full Tart


Hauled out my Yotam Ottolenghi cookbook, Plenty, on Sunday afternoon. Having a big chunk of time to hand was a huge help with this cookbook. There`s a whole ton of recipes to choose from, and each has a veritable shopping list of ingredients. Luckily, I`d just brought home supplies of squash, sweet potato, aubergine and cheeses. I was ready to roll with Very Full Tart.

You`ll find the recipe in linked in with the recipe title. And, of course, a much better photo and a properly cooked tart!

Should you be tempted to cook it though, just be warned that it`s a little fiddly to make. Lots of chopping, of course. And lots of cooking off with the various ingredients before assembling the lot on shortcrust pastry, for the final bake.

But, by golly, it`s so worth every second of that time. I tried to figure out what exact combination of ingredients appealed to me in this tart. It could be the tartness of the feta cheese with the sweet potato. Or maybe is was the caramelised onion and aubergine. Or maybe it was everything.

Anyway, it was utterly delicious.

Oh, yes, note my version is burnt. Of course. But I ate it, anyway….

Thus sated, I headed out to the beach. More of a walk than a run as I was accompanied by Teen Girl. No, she`s not totally averse to running. It`s just wiser for me to take it at her pace for now. Anyway, it`s nice to get out and not have to work so hard for a change. And I got to enjoy these…



Yes, Brent Geese, at low tide, fattening themselves up on whatever the sea had washed in. They were quite tame. Pretty much determined to chomp on despite our presence, I suspect, as their return trip to Greenland is imminent. Another sign of summer on it`s way here. At last.


And my own fattening up on Ottolenghi`s delights  must have augured well for last night`s run. I managed four miles at a pretty good pace.  Actually started out feeling tired and rubbish after a pretty hectic day but, as often happens, I got wings,(well, sort of!) after two miles, and pelted along.

So, hens can fly then…

And hens can sabotage their own running too, it seems.

The usual rubbish flying through my head, last night.  Because I was tired, and it was unusually late for my run, I`d started off on a double negative. That led to a negative pattern of thinking, on my part, which of course, affected the initial couple of miles. I`ve known for a while now, that the biggest obstacle to my running, is my mindset.  I can be my own worst enemy.

Luckily, the day job had thrown up some quandaries that made for better mind fodder. I lost myself in that lot for a while and distracted myself from my inner saboteur. That got me over the hump and onto faster times and a better run.

More good runs needed. And more good food too.

Let`s see what delights the rest of the week holds.