November Colour

After a spell of dry weather, the beech trees in these parts are sporting magnificent russet coats. They are wonderfully complemented by their neighbours in shades of green, zingy yellows, coffees and taupes. Quite a surprise really, as I`ve often billed November as a dull, grey month.

It`s one of the reasons I love my weekend runs. At this latitude, daylight is shrinking into a few brief hours so, like many others, I return home at twilight. Running under the moon and the stars in special in itself. But a quota of full spectrum light is needed too, and for that I turn to the trail and the forest on my precious days off.

It was here my running started three years ago. Drawn by the colour, the views, and the earthy smell of it all, I ventured, camera in hand to run and stop and stare. I`d like to think my photography has improved a little, and my running improved a lot. But I am glad of both because they leave me feeling better in body and spirit and mind.

November is a coy one. Quick to show her dark wicked side, she conceals her other glories well. So when you find a patch of blue in the sky, and a little time on your hands, get out there and enjoy!

Fun, Light, Colour

Some little pieces of prettiness that I encountered on my Sunday run. Catching glimpses of deepening hues warms my heart and brings an added element of joy to my run.

I tossed in some variety into the run itself too, and decided on a whim to run intervals. I have no idea what my landspeed record is. Never occurred to me to check before though I`ve a distinct feeling that I`m a tad shy of Roger Bannister`s four minute mile.

Funny thing is, just as Roger-and runners of his time-were scared of literally bursting their hearts in the attempt- I realised that I have similar fears. Fear of injuring myself in some way, fear of having a heart attack on the spot.

And it`s there the similarity with Bannister ends. Or with any other average Joe Bloggs runner, for that matter.

The truth is, I am not a gifted runner. Just an ordinary old plodder who likes to shuffle along in the hopes of making my heart, body and mind a lot stronger.

But I am still curious about my limits

Flipping through my Runkeeper App afterwards, I realised that I can run at 6.06 min per mile. Albeit, for just .10 of a mile… And I also managed, .40 of a mile at a 7.37 min per mile rate.

Now, if only I could string a few quarter miles together at that speed for a couple of miles, I`d be making real progress towards speeding up.

I need to time myself for one mile-or maybe even just one kilometre. And use it as a baseline against which to measure any progress.

There`s other things I could do, of course. Like drop weight. One kg weight loss can knock off one minute from a runner`s ten kilometre race. Sounds like too much effort to me though.

I could also attend to my core body work, or join a running group, or maybe even just push myself that little bit more when I`m out there. And maybe I will.

I`m enjoying what I`m at right now. Love the parkruns, love the variety of routes I have, love making new discoveries about what I can do and wondering about what might be possible.

That`s all that matters. That, and getting out there into the autumn mist and light. That, and having fun.