Sunshine Run

Canal Bank Irises

Canal Bank Irises

I wish it could be June, and 22 degrees Celsius, all year round. I`d never get tired of it.

Today`s run saw me lost amid June`s abundance. I trotted along a glorious three miles of it before opting for intervals.

These kind of intervals are a lot of fun. I`d run a little faster than usual and stop when I`d spot something pretty. Or even, very mildly pretty if I were feeling a tad too over worked. Then I`d whip our my li`l ol` digital camera and snap.

What is life if full of care/ you have no time to stand and stare/ and take pics. Right?

Lush growth

Lush growth

This is the pathway I ambled along. One of the things I love about running is that it makes me so much more aware of the seasonal changes. Actually, even a week can make a whole difference to this scene. Just as two days of sunshine and showers can make it particularly lush in June.

Canal Bank June 4

Anyone know the name of those really tall white umbrella headed flowers? Yes, I could go google but dammit, it`s just easier to go pick my fellow bloggers brains instead.

See the water in the pic? Well, I reckon by next week that will be full of yellow water lilies. Gorgeous. Reminds me to go to a waterlily hunt in the National Botanical Gardens as their water lilies are of the pink and white variety. Even more luscious than yellow, in my opinion. Very Monet.

Canal bank done and my intervals continue up along a meadow. The meadow is entirely wild. No pesticides, no fertilisers, it’s just let be so it`s a haven for all sorts of botanical delights such as these…


I`ve captioned them `willowherb` but I`ve a feeling that`s not right. Luckily, this is an interactive blog: feel free to whip your red pen out and correct my botanical inaccuracies.

And there was a delightful profusion of these….

Meadow in June

Meadow in June

In fact, the meadow was swathed in great white patches of Ox-eye daisies waving their pretty heads in homage to the evening sun.

I`d swear they were actually singing “Summertime, an` the livin` is easy…”

Or maybe that was me.