I so completely identified with fairweather`s recent entry that I was tempted to reblog it. But that would be the lazy way out and it`s because I`m too tempted to take the lazy way out that I am in this fix in the first place.

Raheny Five Mile race was on last Sunday and I missed it. Can`t blame laziness for my missing it. After all, I heard the Sirens call in the form of an overnight stay with my sister and our daughters in a five star hotel complete with afternoon tea, dinner, prosecco, cosmopolitans…Well, what else could a girl do?

That meant I`d no incentive to really work in January. Nothing to taunt me into improving on last year`s five miles in forty five minutes run. And I`m almost happy about that!

That`s where the laziness kicks in.

Also, see above pic. That`s what my Garmin forerunner looks like. I`ve had it since last August. And finally got around to working it last night. Now that`s fatal mix of laziness and technological ineptitude.

I`m still struggling with the techie bits too.

But we`ve got to muddle on past our weaknesses somehow.

Last Sunday, despite a bucket load of food and drink, I waddled down to the pool and swam 880 metres.And on Monday, I ran four miles.

Did nothing beyond half a mile with my garmin last night. Struggling with the damn thing clipped my running time down to nothing.

And I`m reading Danny Dreyer`s “Chi Running”. That book makes complete sense to me. I`ve a lifetime of yoga and meditation in my bones and learned in my long runs last year that really listening to my body and relaxing in my runs was vital for me to continuing. Danny promotes all this and a whole lot more.

I`m only at the start of the book and already can see how improving my posture when I run can help me run so much more easily. And when I run easily-like on Monday night-I can enjoy it more which means I want to do it more often.

The other thing I struggle with too  though is the damned weather and time. With work and the kids it really is hard to whip an hour out of my day just to run.And if it`s pelting rain, which it invariably is, I tend to wait til the rain stops. Which it doesn`t, quite often.

Okay, plan is: Wear my  Garmin to track my runs. Keep reading Chi Running.Sign up for a couple of races.Relax, enjoy.

Anyway, four miles done this week. Gotta get my ass out there today. Wish me luck!