Juneathon Day Seven: Riverbank Run




Yellow Flags


Juneathon Day Seven saw our dreadful internet service grind to a halt. I suppose you could say it reflected my run a lot in that I ground to a halt several times.

Still, I managed to push the distance at bit at 5.5 miles. And, for the first couple of miles at least, the speed. But the gods of technology were not on my side yesterday, as my Garmin somehow failed to record the run. So now I’ll never know just how super speedy I was on Day Seven. 🙂

My route took me down by the riverbank. Soon I was trotting along just listening to my thoughts and watching for the little wow moments that Nature throws up.

Of course, I love the irises right now. Yellow flags is another name we have for them here and one that suits them all the more. They stand stiff and tall along the riverbank, with the soft yellow petals catching the breeze, just as a flag would.

Pink Flower

Then, there’s this fellow. No, I don’t know what he is called but isn’t that pink and white against green combination oh, so pretty? I too lazy to search for the name though, so do share if you know. Hedwiga, are you out there?




Little Egret


Now, this fellow I do know. And maybe you do too. Apologies for the quality of the photo, but he’s a shy chap and, with my iphone,  that’s as good a shot as I will ever get.

His blindingly white feathers stand out against our grey skies and water. Mediterranean in , origin, to me, he is a reminder a warmer climes and endlessly sunny days so I am always thrilled by the sight of him.

And of course, he reminds me of all the changes we have seen in Ireland in recent times. I got to thinking a lot about that on my plod along the riverbank yesterday.  To my mind, they are mostly egret changes, blinding flashes of purity that startle us out of greyer times and even greyer thinking.

But all that’s for another blog post on another day.

Juneathon Day Seven: 5.5miles

Juneathon Total: 29 miles


Juneathon Day One: Fauna

Juneathon Day One and I enjoyed a grand little four mile trot.

The focus should have been on speed and distance, of course, but I decided to forego all that in favour of figuring out how best to take pics with my iphone while getting up close and personal with the delightful flora that’s in abundance in these parts right now.

My trot took me through hill and dale, past a glorious meadow and on down by the river. It’s all similar terrain to that of my childhood days but of course, we have to get older and wiser to truly appreciate its glories.

It brought me back to the time when we kids sucked the nectar from the ends of cowslips before taking big fat bunches of them home where we stood them in jamjars of water.  Or playing out in the fields for hours on endlessly summery days catching some unfortunate frog and grasshopper before releasing them back to the wilds again.

One of the things I love about running is that it keeps me in touch with nature. But these days I prefer to capture things on camera and leave the poor frogs and grasshoppers in peace.

Total Mileage: 4:00

Total Juneathon Mileage: 4:00

Pleasure 10/10