Lemon Posset


Down at Redwood Farm, Margaret has been whipping up a storm with this new(to me) recipe. While it’s an old one in her family, I have to confess, I’d never heard of it before. But, with just lemons, sugar and cream in the mix, I simply had to try it.

In fact, it’s spoon-licking divine and it’s called Lemon Posset.

Lemon possett2

Lemon Possett

The finished result is light as a feather and, seems almost healthy. And, because it takes a few hours to set in the fridge. it’s the perfect dinner party dessert.

Head on over to Redwood Farm for the recipe. You’ll find more recipes there, of course, along with tales from the farmyard, and countrylife, with lovely photographs along the way.

Thank you, Margaret for that Lemon Posset tastebud tingler!