Very Inspiring Blogger Award


“She`ll get around to it…eventually.”  Those words will be engraved on my headstone.

Well, today and for my 100th post, ~Ta-da!~ I am finally getting around to acknowledging some of my neighbours in Blogland for their inspirational posts. And to offering them A Very Inspiring Blogger award.

Knitrun4sanity very kindly offered me this award waaaay back. Should`ve got an award for Very Procrastinating Blogger but there ya go. Didn`t your mother ever tell you that life isn`t fair?

Anyway, thank you KR4S!

Now, I could drag this on like they do in the stupid lotto programmes. Or, worse still, those nutty X-factor shows, but, luckily for you, I am not that kind of hen.

Firstly, if you`re on my award list there`s certain  award requirements:

  • Display the award logo on your blog page.
  • Link back to the person who nominated you.
  • State 7 facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 other bloggers for the award.
  • Notify those bloggers of their nomination and the award’s requirements.

Well, I`ve done the first two. I`m leaving the third one to the end of this post in the hopes that you don`t get there. And I`m going straight on to the nominations.

This is the tough bit. Just cos you`re not there, doesn`t mean you`re not inspiring. Or even any less inspiring than anyone else on my blogroll. You wouldn`t be on it in the first place if you weren`t smart or cool or both. I just happened to pull these smart, cool people out of my blogroll hat.

And the Nominees Are…

Right… and, in no particular order….  Zoe is a sportsperson extraordinare. A triathlete, she trains so hard, you`ll wonder how she finds hours in the day. I don`t know how purlgurl does it all but somehow the child rearing, the day job, the running and the knitting and acts of generosity all come together in this beautifully presented blog. Enjoy! I just love reading Shaz`s posts. She`s a slogger who does a lovely job of balancing up her running passion with her passion for country living. I especially admire the fact that she shares all of it so wonderfully with her family. Roy is a running coach and a terrific author. I downloaded and thoroughly enjoyed his book “Tess of Portelet Manor”. It`s about a girl living through the wartime occupation of Jersey and beyond. Roy is from Ireland, but lives in Jersey so expect insights into both on this blog. Plus running and writing too. Hedwigia is a floral encyclopedia. And a running one at that. She`s also a huge inspiration to her pupils. Me included!  does exactly what she says on the tin. It`s hard to keep all that moving, cooking and creating going but somehow, she manages it all.  I could nominate her for her inspiring blog banner alone. But you`ll see lots of other stuff on there too like how she combines a love of nature, cycling and running with her working day. This blog is inspiring for its title alone. I also love that she gives me an insight into what life is like in Tasmania and into all the work she and her husband do in training for their races.

And, lest you think I`m only all over the runners on wordpress, well, these bloggers will open your eyes to other passions in life

Tarte Tatin

Tarte Tatin inspired me to try a myriad of new tastes on this very inspiring blog of hers. Love the presentation of the blog too. And the food, of course. The above is my take on her tarte tatin. I never expected goats cheese, sundried tomatoes and puff pastry to taste so good.  If you do nothing else in Blogland today, follow that link. It will take you into the killer humour of our man Down Under, Araneus. Lots and lots of other good stuff in there too.Mostly involving dogs, humour, photography, social commentary, fiction and usually all at once. I love that this Irish lady has a lot to say about our history and it`s impact on us. If you`re interested in researching your Irish roots, this blog has a lot to offer on that theme too. Scroll down a little. Stop! See the ice cream in the china cup? Yep, that`s why I like this blog. Great pics,nice recipes, and a sense of what it`s like to live on a farm in Tipperary. An Irish girl living in France, well, what could be more inspiring than that? As an added bonus, she also happens to make beautiful things.

More great pics and wonderful insights into Irish history on

And, for a great mix on everything under the sun, and a pretty perfect blog  there`s

Right, off with you then, let me on with the painful part of this award ceremony~

Seven Facts About Me

  • I can foot turf
  • It`s proven to be a more useful skill to me than trigonometry. Oh, go on, you must remember sine, cos and tan, no?
  • I came second last in a school race when I was ten. And decided then and there I`d never run again.
  • I keep learning the hard way to “Never say never”
  • I can play the piano badly. And do so regularly, to the dismay of the Teen Chooks.
  • I love my job.
  • I have running conversations with other drivers on the road. No, not that they can hear me but the Teen Chooks can. And it drives them nuts.

Now, I`m off to tell my nominees the good/bad news about their nomination. Should also install a Very Inspiring Blogger widget. I will, eventually, I`m sure…

Three Wins

Amaretti Cheesecake

Nom, nom, nom…. Like to try some Amaretti cheesecake? No, I can`t claim credit for baking it. That was my daughter`s doing.

The coffee coloured layer in the centre is crushed amaretti biscuits. And the whole delicious thing is loaded with calories what with fromage frais, ricotta cheese and cream in there too.

Wasn`t going to run today, but, having indulged in said unctiousness, I had to pay the price and pound some pavement.

In the end up, I peeled off the road and went through the forest. Hadn`t intended to do that either, but, I had my camera to hand.

And Ouch! My Back Hurts T200 challenge on my mind. I`ve no idea why it`s called T200. Go to his blog to find out. But I do know that the theme for this month is to photograph leaves. And where best to find them but in a forest, right?

And I was thrilled to have an incentive to head into the forest.I hadn`t run it before and I really wanted to check it out as an alternative running route.

Forest path April 2013

Yep, loads of potholes. The bane of any runner. But it wasn`t long before I hit a smoother patch of ground. And there was a nice little incline thrown in for good measure. There`s also a longer circuit that runs through the forest and around by the road. Probably five miles, in total. Something to bear in mind for the future.

Took a shorter route today, at just two and half miles. Happy enough with that. Thrilled to find a new, quick short route that should work very well for me in the drier(yes, I`m an optimist!) months ahead.

Didn`t get anywhere with the leaf assignment. But it sure made me observe my surroundings just a little more closely-when I wasn`t avoiding potholes of course.  I realised that actually getting a semi decent pic of leaves on my cheapo digital camera will be quite a challenge.  Of course there were the usual ferns, ivies and everygreens but nothing actually stood out as being picturesque. And most of the forest is deciduous anyway.With four weeks of April stretching gloriously in front of us, the those trees will take on new garb very soon and that could well be my cue to get snapping.

All was not lost, however, as I did get to photograph these guys in their paddock. Meet Hector and Josie…

Hector and Josie2

….Yep, they`re looking for some delicious leaves too and weren`t too impressed either by what was on offer. They headed back for the hay trough after I left them.

Garmin called 2.55 on my forest trek. Long enough to offset some cheesecake damage, it also opened my eyes on the photo challenge and provided me with a whole new running route.

Three wins in one day makes it a great day. Right?

Interminable Rain


Pic from

Aw… poor little guy. And, after yesterday, I know exactly what he feels like…

Torrential rain in these parts. In this pic, the orangutan is sheltering from the monsoons of Borneo. At least monsoon rains are warm. No such luck here in Ireland. We had hours of wind and rain and c..c..c..cold like I`d never seen before.

Since I`ve started running regularly of course, I`m more attuned to the elements. Whereas before I would have closed the curtains and shut the door on the elements and curled up by the fire, now, I`m like a little kid with my nose pressed up to the window wondering if I`ll get out at all today.

And there was no way in hell I was going out in yesterday`s squalls. Should`ve stayed home and done core exercises. But instead I stayed home and ate creme eggs. No, there is no correlation between the two, except that more of one is required to offset the effects of the other. And I know which one I prefer to be doing.


And that neatly describes my relationship with running. I`m a fair weather runner.

Damn, someone stole that name already for their blog!

On the plus side, I got to fool around about with wordpress. Boy, but it`s a complex planet: so many themes, too many choices. I inadvertentently changed my theme to the one you see here now. I like it though. It reminds me that my heart is also in art and that I really should spend a little more time updating my photography, painting and knitting interests. And maybe even blog them on here.

I also found a fab photography blog. I`m sure there`s a ton more out there too but this one really appealed. Back when I started running I used to take the camera along and enjoy a photorun. I reminded me that I`ve gotta do that again.

And I have an ongoing knitting project in the works with the beginings of an aran jumper in my knitting basket. More pics and updates to follow….

And the very best of news. I start two weeks holidays today so I`m going to knit and photograph and swim and run to my heart`s content.

Oh, and blog it all here, of course.