There was a time when the word Rice conjured up associated terms such as curry, fried, arborio. But nowadays when I think Rice, I think Injured.

Yes, Rest, Ice, Compression, Elevation. That has been my happy fate for a couple of weeks.

Happy? Well, you’ll have to read on for that one. But first, I must get the whiny part out of the way.

My rambles in search of the Asgard and other future bloggable material, left me hobbled. It is one of the ironies of this life that I can run six miles in reasonable comfort and yet, when I walk a mere two, my feet want to curl up and die.

True, I’d been running well that week. I’d started Week One of Hal Higdon’s Marathon Plan. But my city ramble put paid to the long run at the end of that week.

And all because I’d forgotten to insert my shoe ortotics.

Next morning, I was hobbled from my ortotic-free ramble. Literally had pain at every footstep. So yes, RICE kicked into play. Or, at least RCE.


As life must go on in the Chook House, the rest part consisted of committing to not running for the next couple of days, but otherwise attending to Mother Hen duties.

I skipped the Ice bit. Honestly, balancing a pack of frozen peas on my feet is just too much of an ahem, feat for me. And anyway, the Teens are always a little concerned that they might see said peas on their dinner plates the following week. And they could be right.


Whatever it is about ortotics, they cushion my feet from arch pain. The price of running the marathon in 2012 is that I am still very prone to feeling every tendon and ligament in my foot screaming from the effort of keeping muscle and bone together. The cure- for me at any rate-is orthotics and compression socks.

The compression socks are my own discovery. And I hasten to add, at this point, that none of my recovery methods may suit you.

For what they are=two toeless tightish socks-they are, at €37 hideously expensive. But I have a lot less foot pain as a result of wearing these little wonders, both during and after my runs.


The elevate bit? Well, I just love that. This is one of the reasons being injury can mean being happy. Despite being a hen, I am not particularly good at laying about the place. I need a reason and also something to do. Well, injury is a great reason and DVD boxed sets pass the time beautifully. So, in the past fortnight I’ve elevated my feet through Season One of The Borgias.


Luckily the feet improved sufficiently to allow for a relaunch of my training programme last week. And so, I tentatively worked my way through the first three days of it. But, by the third day a slight knee issue was beginning to assert itself. And, by Day Four I was limping into the pharmacy for a knee compression bandage.

My fears about being mummified in compression bandages may yet come to pass.

Of course, all this coincided with my being sidelined for a local 8km race. Oh, I didn’t mind one bit. These days, I think I feel more like a runner with my tales of injury than actual manifestations of speed and agility.

But this week I am showing some hopeful signs of return to pre-injury form. As the week draws to a close I have fulfilled my training programme’s requirements for Week One and a long slow run this weekend seems like a distinct possibility.

The alternative, of course, is a little more pleasant:Season Two of The Borgias with a long slow RICE.

And, tempting though that is, I know if I get sidelined too often, I will very swiftly land back to that time when Rice will once again, be synonymous with curry, fried,arborio.